Thursday, October 10, 2013


10bevImage above: Textile designer Bev Hisey’s chandelier softens her Hudson blanket and modern stairwell. 
Image above: This vintage chandelier adds a feminine touch to this office space.
Image above: These home owners spent a long time looking for the right chandelier for their Parisian living room. When they hung this one, they said it was incredible how much it became a pivot that tied the entire space together. Until that point the plaster rosette had just seemed like a piece of pointless ornament, but with the addition of the chandelier, it became a point of focus. They found this one at a flea-market and replaced its wiring with candles. As the apartment has two massive over-mantle mirrors this overhead flickering light is reflected and magnified in a really magical way. 

45a1b09ba1c3629285012cfb346abc1eImage above: This vintage birdcage chandelier was found on Etsy. 
4HOME_68Image above: A chandelier created from vintage croquet mallets in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 
5yodaImage above: A cut-glass chandelier in a handbag designer’s Japanese home.
1_crystalImage above: Egg Collective designer Crystal Ellis found her bedroom chandelier in at a little antique shop in Brooklyn, and it has now graced the ceiling of my bedroom in two apartments. 
2Sivan-AskayoImage above: These azulejos panels date to 1725 and are signed by one of the best Portuguese masters of the time, Manuel dos Santos. They are complimented by the red chandeliers hanging from the 25-foot ceiling. 
04277dc219aa0cb756b6e8c5dc2cdcfcImage above: A chandelier dresses up the kitchen dining area in this Ventura, California home. 
5.1sarah-500x752Image above: A magical dreamy bedroom for a 4-year little girl. 
10chrisImage above: This traditional home has lots of whimsical touches, like the giraffe topiary in the living room. 
6newfarmhouseImage above: A modern country just outside of Boise, Idaho is filled with Scandinavian touches. 
2sarahImage above: A modern Patrick Townsend chandelier in a Los Angeles dining room. 
4lanceImage above: This chandelier was originally painted a high gloss white for an event. Now it hangs above a table with a collected mix of chairs in this eclectic Philadelphia loft. 
Image above: A simple chandelier hangs in the living of Swedish photographer Maja Atterstig.
chandelierImage above: This chandelier, hanging in this West Hollywood home, was an eBay find. 
Image above: The bright yellow chandelier in this kitchen was a find from Pottery Barn kids. 
Image above: A chandelier adds a little elegance to the nursery in this gorgeous Barcelona home. 
3_emmaThe 20-arm black chandelier was found lying in the back room of local furniture store. It now hangs in Emma Reddington’s favorite room in her 1905 Toronto Victorian house. 
Image above: A chandelier hanging over a tub makes takes bathing to a whole new level. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


In honor of national honey month...From honey dippers and pots to contemporary jewelry and stationery, there’s a little bit of bee in here for everyone. Hope you’ll enjoy them…
Image above: 1. Beehive Lamp $995 | 2. Bee Pendant $38 | 3. Honey Pot $19 | 4. Honey Soap $12 | 5. Honeycomb Cake Pan $36 | 6. Granulated Honey $8 | 7. Honey Flight $78 | 8. Notecards $22 | 9. Honey Chamomile Bitters $18 | 10. Bee Ring $49 | 11. Honey Dipper$14
Sources above + more honey goods after the jump…
Image above, left to right: Mini Honey Ring $92, Hive Honey Set $85
Image above: Honey Soap Making Kit $39.95
Image above: Pressed flower & honey sachets $20
Image above: Beeswax candle $25

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Tables

Fall is a really popular time of the year for event planning to take place. It's the beginning of the holiday season- which means, food, friends and family come together to celebrate! Amy Atlas is a well-known event planner who has amazing ideas to get you ready for your party-planning endeavors. Here are are some of her beautiful table-scapes to get you inspired. 


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