Monday, February 21, 2011

Stylish Blog Award !

I opened by blog to see a lovely surprise in my Comment Section this morning !! It is one thing to know that you are passionate and give your 100% to something. But its a whole new feeling to be acknowledged .. I have been regularly pulled up for my blog - and up until right now - thank GOD it has been for all positive feedback and comments !! But today i want to thank Sneha - of for being a regular reader.

She has won the most stylish Pass on award, and has bestowed the honour now on me !!

Having enjoyed it and posted it on my Facebook as an accomplishment - I would now like to bestow this award on :
She is my inspiration ! She is my regular read...!! Enjoy both our blogs with a twist !

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Personal Space

Now that we have talked about our passions - how about creating a personal secret space that you can snuggle in and just create your magic. My space is when I sit in my office cabin. I know not many people agree to their office space - but when I am there everything happens. I want and make some money from the work that I love so much in the morning hours up until late afternoon. Come early evening I open this blog - my baby, my everything. I get some awesome pictures, some slides, some quotes and create magic in my eyes. I do not know if what I call magic is really magic or not. But I enjoy every moment spent working on it.

It was a very old run down office - which was used by my uncle and never re-done. And up until a few months ago I didn't deserve to have an office. But Now that I have got it - Ive made the walls colourful. When you walk into my space - u know it's Dishas'!! I wish I can get it painted soon though.

I came across this personal space that a lady has created for herself cause she loves sewing.

What does your personal space looks like ?

It's a thing of PASSION !

What's your passion ?? Pankti loves her music - even though she can be thrown out for singing. I love my reading - even though all my attempts to publish the one single book i have been working on for the last couple of months has been a failure ! Ami loves her design - but she out of the 3 of us is getting somewhere with it...

What are my passions ?
1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Travelling
4. FOOD - something I wish that was not - but is.
5. And Im not a biggie on this one - but I love designing dresses for myself. I wish I knew someone who could execute the few designs that I have in my head.

What am I not Passion about ?
1. THE GYM - the single most hated thing in my life

How much can you stick to your passion until it fails you ? and you give it up ??

My Dream Bali Wedding !

With lots of free time this weekend - This is a very first holiday that my office is actually shut on account of a public holiday ! What a bummer. Anyhow - so this is my first holiday post. It has to has to has to be one with LOVE Involved. I have been back on the track of love - no dearies, not that of a boy - but some real best friend love. We made up ! And ofcourse it started with FOOD. We share that. The two of us.

So, this post it about celebrating LOVE and we got talking about the boys in our lives. Not that either of us is remotely close to one. But we know at the end of a night's conversation what our dream BEACH Wedding is going to look like.

Anyone wants to fly to BALI to be my bridesmaid ???

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Avenue Q

All the world’s a stage even for monsters… A Couple of years ago I experienced the Off Broadway show Avenue Q and got up close and personal with the cast of this hilarious musical! “There is cool shit to do, but it can’t come to you, so come on…. There is life outside your apartment!”

i was hanging out with my dear friend Mitin Dattani. Now he has a sense of humour which only a few of us really understand. Or maybe I wanted to understand, and thus ended up laughing - if you know what I mean ! Anyway... Check out the fun pictures he clicked at the event... which he only recently sent them back to me. Such awesome memories of not only the muppet show but also to sit next to him and see this MAN-GIGGLE !

Spat Gum Art

Have you ever had a gum and then shamelessly spat it on the road when no one was looking ? Did you consider what would happen to this piece of decaying gum for the next few years ? Do you possibly think that your gum will literally become an artist’s canvas ?

Artist Ben Wilson must do – for he seems to represent the epitome of their mantra. Before the beginning of each and every five minutes of animated environmentalism they would sing Making good use of the things that we find, Things that the everyday folks leave behind. That is what Ben Wilson does – with something of a twist.

Satisfying a customer -- DOMINOES

The world in a bubble

"In the beginning of most any artistic pursuit, specific themes and subject matter begin to pull at you in very personal ways. They begin to define what you, as a photographer, will shoot." - Tom Storm, Bubble Photographer

In the summer of 2006, Tom Storm was traveling through Galway, Ireland, when he came upon the Galway Arts Festival. Huge bubbles suddenly surrounded him and he found them so beautiful and intriguing that he started snapping away. A few months later, as Tom was rediscovering these photos, something caught his eye. In the bubbles' reflections, he found incredibly crisp detail. "I found there was a whole world within the bubble, a perfect world in focus," Tom said.

At the time, Tom was living in Gdanks, Poland so he grabbed his camera and headed to Neptune's Fountain. He soon discovered a two-person system for getting the shot. "Looking for any excuse to travel the world (my wanderlust defines me), I soon challenged myself to capture the reflections of a major landmark in every country in the world," says Tom. "These initial pictures have evolved into the World in a Bubble Project and have helped me engage people all around the world in a mission to see things from a different perspective."










Happy Red February, mate !

Where did I come from ?

So i was a child brought up by books, surrounded by books – Noddy, Famous Five, Nancy Drew and their likes. My real world was practically spending my lunch hour in the Library. My dream world consisted of Captain Planet and Swat Kats and running around with them. I don’t think I ever gave my existence too much of a thought. And today i came across this book and was rolling on the floor with the illustrations that i saw !!! Did you ever wonder as a child where you came from ??

Valentine's Day of 2011

Thank GOD for the Greek gods stars and planets to align in a way that the BIG FAT V-Day fell on a Monday this time. So there was no pressure for all of us singles out there, battling their Mid-20’s ( God, I never thought I would be saying this!) ALONE on Valentine’s Day. It is one half of a battle to remain alone, and it’s another half to battle those who are not single anymore. To see that they feel guilty telling you about their V-Day Plans makes you want to attempt the 100kms sprint from there to as far as possible.

So, I spent the RED DAY away from everything. Thankfully, work consumed my day and everything remained Low Key. But by the end of the day I had to confront my fears and go out there. And I did. Only to be asked – So, How’s the VDay going! Now, I am not one of those pathetic liars who would say , Oh I don’t believe in LOVE ! Or oh, I do not celebrate VDay ! Of course for me Love is the start and stop of the world. Love turns my world. And I still Believe in the Big Fat “L” Word.

I went back home and said a silent prayer for next V-Day to be not so over rated, or for the mystery man to finally come my way !! So yes... Here is a confession to the mystery man. I’m here, patiently waiting for you to come... ! until then I’m going to spin and make sure the lady in the back side of the picture gets kissed each time – may it be Valentine’s Day or not... Have fun Spinning it AROUND !!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baked Goodie Nostalgia

So, I havent been hiding. Work takes me away every little time and I land up spending an awful amout of time missing my blog and ofcourse - what i like best - FOOD. i am still to decide if I miss savouries or sweet food from my home land - INDIA. But I definitely came across these amazing baked goodies - and I know its time to return home. I have toured everywhere in Africa - but the thing I miss about Bombay the best if the food and the company that I enjoy with my food !!!!


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