Friday, February 18, 2011

My Personal Space

Now that we have talked about our passions - how about creating a personal secret space that you can snuggle in and just create your magic. My space is when I sit in my office cabin. I know not many people agree to their office space - but when I am there everything happens. I want and make some money from the work that I love so much in the morning hours up until late afternoon. Come early evening I open this blog - my baby, my everything. I get some awesome pictures, some slides, some quotes and create magic in my eyes. I do not know if what I call magic is really magic or not. But I enjoy every moment spent working on it.

It was a very old run down office - which was used by my uncle and never re-done. And up until a few months ago I didn't deserve to have an office. But Now that I have got it - Ive made the walls colourful. When you walk into my space - u know it's Dishas'!! I wish I can get it painted soon though.

I came across this personal space that a lady has created for herself cause she loves sewing.

What does your personal space looks like ?

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  1. Hie Disha,

    I have an award to pass onto you. Do visit my blog for further details :)




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