Sunday, February 26, 2012


I tried to be a beret girl once upon a time. But it wasn't a good look. After seeing how much fun Carrie has with her collection, maybe I should give them a second chance. Do you wear berets?

Wild Pulp

Swoon. These handsome animal tree bark prints by C. Owen Smith of Wild Pulp were inspired by this beautiful quote:

"When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world."- John Muir

Snowy Dreams

Kuki Loves the snow.. and every time I see pictures of snowy Seattle that which my friend and fellow blogger Shannone keeps updating me with, Im reminded of how awesome he would be if I could take him on a one dat trip to a SNOWY Place.. !! If only, Seattle was just an Hour away from here I definately would have.

Till then I guess I can only make snow castles in AIR !!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Love

I know its a wintery day today in Mumbai... But for a moment I want to Pretend Im in London enjoying a lovely Spring morning. Where I was for a brief moment in time, waiting for a snuggle and a bit of a sunshine to go enjoy HYDE Park by the afternoon for some coffee, reading and chocolate croissants and some much needed Male Attention... Is my KUKI listening ??

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tree Tents

Did you know there's a place in Bavaria where you can sleep in tree tents? It's a magical campground called Waldseilgarten. Similar to the Treepee, tents are suspended from branches high above the ground. What an incredible experience. Would you want to camp in trees?

All those in Germany - this will make an amazing "V-Day" gift for your lovely ?? What do you think ?

Gifts From Wedding Photographers

Don’t ask me what I think of my engagement pictures !! It’s almost like asking Hitler about Jews during the world war. Kuki hasn’t heard the end of it… poor him. I feel almost bad to tell him off each time… so either or will happen. Either I will get over the fact that he has sleepy eyes in all our pictures… OR he will get over the fact that he is never going to hear the end of that story !! LOL
Of course, I was mighty irritated at our engagement pictures photographer.. he made up do all these couply pictures which are so ANTI- what I blog about. And then he sent over a couple of hundred pictures of which he wanted us to choose a couple to make the final cut.

And then he did. And eventually with all the colour correction etc – we have a set of beautiful pictures in one album… But he only put it in a fancy bag and delivered. I was all happy, until I came across this BOX of chocolates !!

Wedding photographers sending gifts to their clients? Granted, I'm not married yet, but I never knew this was common practice. Maybe it isn't. But photographer, Jasmine Star, who also happens to be my friend of a friend of a friend, knew of other photographers who gave their clients Dom Perignon, a framed 8x10, and cookies upon the couple's return from their honeymoon. So she started sending out boxes of personalized chocolates to her clients, packaged up sweetly with custom photo paper. What a thoughtful thing to do.

Le Petite Monde

These sweet and whimsical illustrations are from the series, Le Petit Monde (Little World) by Rome-based artist, Sarah Olmos. She has a new fan in me. Aren't they darling?

Polaboy Lights

How cool is this giant polaroid frame light? It's called the Polaboy and I really must have one.

Tea Houses

"A house and dewed ground
Guest and host
Drinking together a cup of tea
In quiet contemplation
In spiritual symphony"

- Japanese master, Sen no Riky├║

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ribbon Animals

So, as promised... ill be back !! and here is my big bang series of post. First up , a little something uber creative .. small ribbon animals. You give a girl something so little gift wrapped with these cute ribbon animals on the top - it is sure to melt her heart right out !! so all the boys in the house - what is the present for the "V-Day" ?? I hope something with a ribbon animal on the top ;)

Hell I know i would be melting... ohh... btw... i have been at the receiving end of loads of surprises and gifts thanks to my very new relationship status !!! Ohhh, please now, do not write me off as a materialistic girl will u !!! I did the most random thing too - walked in and out of an electronic store with a big gizmo bag for Kunal.a.k.a. ..ladies and gentleman.. only for you.. "KUKI"


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