Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costumes for Pets

Remember Maddie the Coonhound? Now she's sporting costumes. Aren't they hilarious? 

My friend Shannone's parents' Parson Russell Terrier, Rudy, dresses up every Halloween. He loooves it. His winning looks were a fatty pumpkin, a gun-slinging cowboy, and my personal fave, the wise and knowing Yoda. I'm so looking forward to seeing what he wears this year!

Have you found a costume for yourself? 

{Image via Maddie On Things by Theron Humphrey}

Halloween Porch

So I'm thinking about decorating our front porch up nice. Stylish and classy. I love these 3 front door ideas with gold pumpkins, eerie birds, and ominous branches.

Do you get trick-or-treaters where you live?

Monsters By Angus Stone

I love these short film stills for Angus Stone's new album, Broken Brights. The video was inspired by "Monsters" a chapter in a book he's writing about a person trapped in another world and doesn’t know how he got there.

How beautiful is model, Teresa Oman's stag antler headpiece? Would someone please replicate this woodland fawn look for Halloween tomorrow? Or next year? Here's where to find her robecrown, andring.

Monday, October 29, 2012

O So Spoooookkkyyyyyyyy

 In case you hadn't heard, Halloween is right around the corner! We've decided to eat our way to the finish line with some of these sweet and savory -- and oh-so-spooky -- treats! Happy haunting!    

 7. Eyeball Soup
 10. Hummus with Carrot Fingers

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Decor

Do you decorate your home for the changing seasons? As much as I'd love to, I can't bring myself around to digging things out, only to put them back in a month. And having limited storage space doesn't help.

But I could learn a thing or two from Maria. She decorated her 100-year old Michigan farmhouse for fall with pieces she already has on display, such as baskets, chalkboard signs and vintage jars. But makes them seasonal by using cones, branches, and other bits of autumn colored nature that can be easily swapped out when the winter holidays arrive.

I for one have been given full priviledges in the Shah household to re-do a part of my room to be and make a walk in closet. For as much as I am enjoying the designing of this wadrobe, I am hating the executing bit. The minute details like colour, fittings, lighting etc makes me want to just walk into IKEA and start living there ;)

Custom Animal Print Potraits

I like Andrea. She's an NYC-based illustrator also inspired by music, nature, and vintage childrens books. Hey girl, can we be friends? 

Hmm, if I were to turn Kunal Shah and I into animals for her custom portraits, I think we'd be dinosaurs: Apatosaurus for me, Ankylosaurus for him.

What animals would you be?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Home and Delicious

 the new issue of home & delicious magazine is online and available for you to feast your eyes on. one of my favorite features in issue no. 2 is this charming icelandic fishing cabinbelonging to the publishers of home & delicious. a historic building on a secluded lakefront, they have renovated the place all on their own over the last four years, and with the addition of black paint, i think they’ve really given the rustic home a touch of modern — i think it adds a great contrast to all the natural wood. have a look, but check out home & deliciousfor the whole wonderful tour.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Olsson & Jensen

 behold the vintage-inspired home accessories and styling from swedish designers olsson & jensen. pretty gorgeous, huh? i love the juxtaposition of the vintage ornate furnishings, paired with the mid-century modern, and even 1970′s tie-dye — somehow the way olsson & jensen has styled their pieces just works. the subtle grays, pale lavenders and plum with just a hint of gold is a fine palette to work with, too. i very much love all i see from olsson & jensen, and i like their motto, too: “it does not matter if it is classic, bohemian, fastidious, romantic, modern, chic, rustic, simple, crude or elegant as long as we ourselves are happy.”


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