Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coffee Love All Over Again

It's 8AM. My alarm rings. I lay in bed as excuses race through my clouded mind of why I won't be able to get up today. And then my senses start to kick in. The sunlight appears brighter, my ears pick up the frantic footsteps of my upstairs neighbors, and the coffee smells better then ever! Coffee, mmm. Okay, maybe I can get up.
Not only does coffee have the power to awaken the minds of countless designers, myself included, it also inspires incredible work. Dear Coffee I Love You is a blog dedicated to this very thing. With it's fantastic collection of mugs and packaging from the best resources around, it can make you fall in love with the beloved bean- and the wonderful culture it's produced, even more.

 Multiplied Moka
Loving this java-inspired print!
 Coffee Dream
Paper crafted by talented design team Zim & Zou
 Caffeinated Pixels
Yep, those are cups of coffee! Designed by Fabien Jochen Kanzler

 Beta Cup Design
 Editorial Design : Brave New World of Coffee
 I'm all about this print from Made by Girl : Blogs and Coffee
 Yep, I can relate. By Adam Brackney (Workerman)

Shiney Little Beans from Daily Shot of Coffee

Crate Love at Flea Markets

At some point in your life you must experince the thrill of digging through the vintage decor and clothing to find the amazing treasures at a Flea market! You never know what you'll find- but it's you know it's going to be unique. Good thing it's only once a month because I would probably go every week if I had the chance. Flea markets are great place to find inspiration. I found mine last when I went to the Portobello Flea Market in London, after noticing a surplus of vintage crates... Many vendors were using them for displays for their own merchandise- along with selling them to passer-bys. Here's a collection of clever ways you can use crates in your own homes. Check out Etsy to find your own- or maybe you'll venture out to a flea marketin your area and discover something else just as exciting!

 Studio PW
 1.& 2. Rom 123 |3. The Lark
 1. Design Sponge |2. Modern Arks Studio |3. Baileys Home & Garden
1. Cabages & Roses | 2. The Curiosity Shoppe |3. Design Sponge |4. Makool Shop

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day !

Fabric Necklaces : DIY

I absolutely adore Lizzie Fortunato's jewerly collections. Her vibrant fabric necklaces have caught my eye recently- especially because I've been seeing so many wonderful DIY tutorials out there using similar techniques. I like this look a lot because it doesn't feel too dressy... Pair a necklace with a simple jersey dress and you've got an incredibly pretty outfit with very little effort... and the less effort I have to put into my outfits- the happier I am :)


From Books to Shelves

Why buy a shelf when you've got everything you need in your own home? The Book to Shelf project is a fantastic way to organize your bulky books without having to purchase huge pieces of furniture. Or better yet, use them to showcase special collections in your home! Wouldn't this be great for a kitchen by using a cookbook to display a cherished tea cup collection, or perhaps next to a vanity to hold vintage perfume bottles? The possibilities are endless! What do you think? This lovely DIY comes from May December.

See how others are using their books as shelves:


Flower Inspiration : Zinnia

 {1} {2} {3} {4} {5}

Sunday, March 17, 2013


It's been 2 months since I got back from Honeymoon with my fabulous husband... but we dived straight back into work. But the on-set of summer always takes me back to a time when my dad would have already planned the most fantastic summer-holiday. He would whisk us all away to far away places.. its no wonder our passports boast of over 40 countries all over the world !! I so want to go for a summer vacation. All busy being husband and wife and grown up adults etc... is making us weary... ! Where are you off to on your summer holiday ??





And I always thought they were a clothing company! But it looks like H&M is in the home goods business as well... nice. Although the prices are pretty great- I have to admit I like the decorative items more than the apparel. Shopping there, I always got the feeling clothing was designed for tremendously tall, thin people (so... like 2% of the population.) The good thing about home decor- is that ones size fits all! lol. So I'm really into this new collection they've got. Take a look at their picnic shoots...perfect time for Summer!


I just LOVE this ad campaign for Waverly... makes me want to wallpaper all the trash cans in my neighborhood... I wonder if that would be considered vadalism? ha ha


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