Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Inspiration Allium

On top of this newly acquired root canal of Kunal, the hot and overcast weather is making me feel less than 100% today. He has been in so much pain, and my dear one has hardly slept well in days thanks to the throbbing pain. And as much as I love taking care of him, Im feeling a little low myself..  A little pick-me-up in the shape of a circular flower will undoubtedly help boost my spirits. So after work I plan on heading to the market to pick up some  much-needed bouquet of Alliums, maybe in plastic and decorate the empty vase, the one we got as a wedding present. They are my absolute favorite flower for many reasons... this ofcourse after the carnations: They always look beautiful whether using them sparsely around the home or in an elaborate arrangements- and they always as sense of cheer to a space. Maybe it's the shape or the bright colors- whatever it is- it makes me happy... something I really need today. I hope you enjoy these inspirational Alliums I've found for all of you :)

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