Monday, March 11, 2013

Marshmallow Brunch

 Images : Via Wednesday Blog
A greater part of my Family is JAIN. And by family I mean both the sides now. The Jain Faith with its strict rules, some which can be followed easily and be made a way of life... others not so much. But every now and then you come across this one SIN - and just delve into it. Take for example the colourful, chewy, sugary pieces of heaven called MarshMallows. I mean, what were they thinking off when they decided to make it ?? I for one cannot stop eating it. And then you have these amazing fondue receipes with serving suggestions as MarshMallow. Did you know it contained Gelatin up until yesterday - when my dear husband gave me the good news. They now have Vegan MarshMallows... Wooohoooo...!!! Now that you have been freed of this guilt of being a jain and also eating marshmallows - how would you like to throw a marshmallow BRUNCH ?? 

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