Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Neutral Christmas

Every year I take it upon myself to write out atleast to about 3 dozen pen friends I have made in my 25 years of existence. While the list keeps growing -- the disposable time keeps diminishing. Its already the 15th and I still havent bought the Christmas Cards yet !!!! And now - if i was the send , the mail man will go on holiday and my mails are not going to reach the 4 corners of the world. So I ask for forgiveness to those who always expect my post card - to let me free this time round. The cards will reach 15th January : ((

But look at this neutral shade pallet for Christmas... who says you need to be RED and GREEN and CHRISTMASSS !!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Clothesline Fun

How brilliant is this concept photo shoot? Stylist, Tiffany Lowry, and photographer, Sarah Rhoads, shot it together in Tiffany's 4x7 basement laundry room.

At first glance, I thought they were engagement photos, but they're not. They should be, right? If you're daring enough to strip down!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Upcycled Vintage Audio Equipment

Bet you didn't know you could make wall hooks out of headphones, dessert stands out of record players, candle holders out of speaker parts, cake pedestals out of hi-hat cymbals, or serving trays out of turntables. Did you? Neither did I.

But this husband and wife team did. They discover authentic vintage audio equipment and transform them into useful household pieces. Wouldn't they make a great gift for the music lovers in your life?

Wintery Mumbai

On my walk this morning, I couldn't see beyond a couple of steps in front of me. Very uncommon for a City like Mumbai...The fog remained only but for a few minutes before dawn. But it's not the ominous kind. It's the calm, dreamy, walk-in-the-clouds type of fog. Where you lose yourself in your thoughts and all the world is silent.

I wish Winter Mumbai Fog looked like these pictures.. !! The thing I love the most about Winter is the sweet morning sunshine that hits you in the face and spreads a dash of deep pink in your cheeks.

Feline Noi

Where does one find such dazzling cat ear hats? They're so flirty and fun. These shots are from the Feline Noir spread in the December issue of Glamour Spain. Meeeeow.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Ice Rink Proposal

As I've mentioned before, I think ice skating is the most romantic winter adventure. Mike took Glenna to their local park ice rink and surprised her with a ring as the snow began to fall. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Bella Swan - A Beauty in White

I have to say, I was very impressed by Bella Swan's wedding dress. She looked so beautiful in the classy Carolina Herrara long sleeved gown, made from crepe satin and French Chantilly lace. It will soon be available in boutiques for a mere $30,000. Thankfully, Alfred Angelo's more affordable replica is being sold for $800.

Green Gift Wrap

If I received gifts like these, it wouldn't even matter what was inside. Justina makes compostable, eco-friendly packages out of gorgeous leaves, flowers, and green artist's tape. I love how she steered clear of traditional holiday colors and brought in touches of yellow and pink. Such a refreshing idea for gift wrap, don't you agree?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whimsical Bicycle Vanity

Tossed and found items are repurposed into novel ideas.

Artist Benjamin Bullins gives the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” an entirely new meaning. Taking inspiration for a single object, he then uses other materials to build a sculpture that reflects the culture of his hometown of New Orleans. Often his work is functional art, like this French themed bathroom vanity designed around a discarded bicycle. A sleek, contemporary sink rests on a wooden board and is paired with a vintage single-hole faucet – love the porcelain drop handles. The basket is perfect for hand towels. The black and white checked floor tile pattern mimics checkered flags used when the winner of a race crosses the finish line – keeping with the room’s theme, since one origin theory claims the flags were first used in French 19th century bicycle races.

The mirror is another mixed media piece Bullins assembled from a trombone case – one side of the case was fashioned into the top of the mirror, while its handle and latches are at the bottom. A pair of coach lights gives a nod to a predecessor to the bicycle, horse drawn carriages. Don’t miss the semi-mount ceiling fixture peaking into the upper right corner that was made from a snare drum. The original mixed media vanity and mirror were still up for sale at press time. This pair will have us thinking twice before tossing something out with the trash.


If all those camera reasons are not enough to buy a phone aren't enough, I can even pretend it's an old rotary phone! The iRetrophone is a charger and dock that even lets you make and take calls from the handset. Like the good ol' days.

Wedding Photography !

I'm absolutely smitten with Heather and Jon's vintage style of wedding photography. In additional to digital, they somehow juggle a plethora of film cameras and homemade lenses. And get this.

I am just back from the wedding of my best friend Raghuvir to his lovely Bride Chhavi. Much to my dismay I was stuck capturing their lovely moments on my Blackberry Camera. It sucks !!! I am so inclined towards buying the I-Phone. I saw some of them at the wedding using it and it have a lovely wide lens and clicks the amazing moments. I only wish I was a much careful user and over and above it all it had some more nicer business phone like apps... : (( I am really sad using a blackberry at the moment. I am almost hating its site !!

Monday, November 28, 2011


People who have known me for donkey years know I am nuts about gift wrapping and wrapping papers. Even as a grown up child of only 25 - I gift wrap as it is free at departmental stores only because I find pleasure in opening them... There, I have said it. I love Gift wrapped stuff. My friends who have known this - have grown to like me this way. On my 25th Birthday which was on 12th Nov - my best friend Pankti Chheda gave me 25 small cute gifts. If you ask me today to name all of them - I dont quite remember - what I do remember is that each one of them was neatly packed and sealed. Like a little girl I jumped opening each one after the other !!!

Arent these packages just lovely ?? Do you believe me when i say that I am in love with these packaging ??


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