Friday, May 31, 2013

ICFF Trend : Copper

As much as I’ve loved ICFF’s trends so far this year (Green, Geometrics and Brass & Copper), I will always consider copper my first love. Classic metallics like this will never go out of style, but copper really had a moment this year and, fingers crossed, seems to be tipping over into the rose gold world, too. That rosier, pinker point of view is so beautiful and feels so modern on really simple designs- I can’t wait to see how it evolves for next year. But this year’s collection of shiny copper pendants, chandeliers, canisters, baskets, tables and chairs really took my breath away. Fingers crossed it will cross over into rose gold next year…
Image above: My favorite copper lighting of the show, Iacoli & McAllister‘s copper chandelier. These guys really had the strongest work at the show for my money. Chic, modern and on-trend without being trendy.

Image above: Blu Dot‘s beautiful smokey glass-topped (another ICFF 2013 trend!) copper tables.

Image above: Delightfull design’s rotating copper light (rotated photo after the jump)

Image above: Panoramica‘s copper baskets
More new copper designs from ICFF continue after the jump…

Image above: The arms, rotated together, of Delightfull‘s copper lamp.

Images above: Canisters from Kaikado

Image above: Iacoli & McAllister‘s gorgeous copper table.

Image above: Neil Conley‘s copper bookmarks

Image above: Tom Dixon‘s copper lighting

Image above: Assembly Design‘s copper chair

Image above: An incredible copper chandelier/multi-pendant from Innermost UK

Image above: Hanging plant holders and decorations from Panoramica

Image above: Canisters from Kaikado

Thursday, May 30, 2013


There hasn’t been an ICFF in the past few years where gold & brass didn’t make a big appearance. And really, if it keeps popping up in gorgeous modern versions like these, I’m totally fine with that. Last year the brass felt a tiny bit rougher and more patina-ed, but this year designers seemed to really embrace shine. From glittering chandeliers to tiny gold perforated baskets, there was something gold and brassy for every style. Here are my favorite 15 pieces from the show
Image above: Chandelier by Charles de Lisle at The Future Perfect

Image above: A series of beautiful brass lighting by Tom Dixon

Images above: I loved this hanging light by Josef Hoffman, designed in 1907. The brass elements are handmade. Currently produced by Woka Vienna.
More new brass & gold designs from ICFF 2013 after the jump…

Image above: Great modern pendant lighting by Studio Dunn of Providence.

Images above: Lighting by Apparatus. This booth was so so lovely.

Image above: I loved this standing lamp from Woka Vienna, originally designed in 1928.

Image above: Bend‘s gold wire table.

Image above: Colin Wilson’s brass-detailed seating.

Image above: I love the brass detail on this mirror at O & G Design‘s booth.

Image above: Pendants from Innermost UK

Image above: Colin Wilson’s Desktop Empire

Image above: I loved the brass handles on this Blu Dot furniture.

Image above: The gold base on Ellen Thomas‘ table light was so cute.

Image above: Shiny gold and cork lamps from Morten and Jonas.

Images above: Gold and brass pieces from Tom Dixon‘s Eclectic Series


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