Sunday, May 19, 2013


A Twisted Fact in my mind : Yoga is a slower way of life !
Fact : Yoga is a the way of life.. !

I have had a bit of a trouble streak when it comes to my personal fitness for a couple of weeks now. Every since I have gotten married – life with Kunal Shah is no lesser than living on a roller coaster. It’s like a never ending one. We have a string of weddings, birthday parties, dinners etc all planned out weeks in advance which gives very little time for the boady to recuperate. Also it may sound like an excuse – but I am exhausted just going everywhere to actually find time for my personal fitness. Until I went to see the doc yest – yes yes everything is in top form – except I was asked to have some Y time – YOGA time to de-stress.

Everybody who is my somebody knows I am one to live in the moment and I love the fast way of life. Yoga is the last thing on my mind -  but Alas – I have been asked to stick to it. But ofcourse, if I am put in a situation I am never going to have a glad acceptance .. I will see the artsy , glam-ming it up form of Yoga and thought hmm… need some nice fancy Yoga Mat.

I have to admit to feeling a little nervous about giving yoga mat advice, as I think choosing a yoga mat can be a bit personal. The best way to find a mat is to try out a few. I used to practice with a super cheap mat until I started slipping all over the place the last time I tried a Yoga stint. I came across  a Jadeyoga mat because I think it has a good grip and is eco-friendly. Some of these mats were picked for the grip and some for the fantastic patterns; if a patterned mat motivates you to pull it out more frequently, then there’s nothing wrong with that!

Image above: 1. Prosperity Yoga Mat, $19.29 | 2. Southwest Yoga Mat, $85 | 3. Magic Carpet Yoga Mat, $85 | 4. Flower of Life Yoga Mat, $21.59 | 5. Blue Medallion Yoga Mat, $21.59 | 6. Yoga Towel, $35 | 7. Neo-Baroque Yoga Mat, $22 | 8. Lululemon Mat, $68

Image above: 1. Red Polka Dot Yoga Mat, $71.99 | 2. Manduka Yoga Mat, $68–$96.36  | 3. Nike Yoga Mat, $50 | 4. Stella McCartney Yoga Mat, $80 | 5. Eko Superlite Travel Mat, $39 | 6. Prana E.C.O. Yoga Mat, $48  | 7. Blue Tie-dye Mat, $21.99

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