Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Growing up, I was obsessed with people’s favorite colors. Any new friend I made in school would be asked that pressing question and I felt defined by my own personal choice: White. To this day I still carry a little torch for fellow white-lovers. Green was my least bit favourtie - until I met my good freind Raghuvir. He changed the way I looked at colours - It was Yellow all the way for him !!! And till this date for some reason - I remember meeting his girlfriend and now Wife, Chhavi Sodhani for the very first time - and she was wearing a GREEN !!! Really - my eyes popped.. she is my green girl.. she is the reason why green is now accepteable in my life. So all you green lovers in this wide world will be happy to know that GREEN  was everywhere at ICFF. Last year there were a lot of super neon-bright colors (there were still some this year, too), but this year I felt like everywhere we looked, there was a rich jewel-toned green. From the incredible striated chair above to the faceted light below, little pops of green really had their moment. As a green-girl from day one, I was happy to see this trend. I hope you guys will enjoy these green pieces as much as I did. 
Image above: Green chair by Dirk Vander Kooij (More details after the jump)

Image above: Sconce by Rosie Li for Roll & Hill (My favorite piece from the show, hands down. I wish I had $3k to bring this home).

Image above: Green chair by Dirk Vander Kooij
More gorgeous green designs after the jump…

Image above: Hanging green glass pendants by Artecnica

Image above: Table Chair by Brendan Solinsky of Northern Michigan University.

Image above: Table lights by Neil Conley

Image above: Green glass cloches by Panoramica

Image above: Table lights by Tatsuya Akita

Image above: Detail of green chairs by Dirk Vander Kooij

Image above: Detail of the green striated chair (and production process!) by Dirk Vander Kooij

Image above: Detail of sconce by Rosie Li for Roll & Hill

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  1. Nicely interpreted disha, and thanx for the information.



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