Monday, May 27, 2013

Jewel Tones for your Home

I've never been away from my blog in recent few weeks - so trust me, it felt good but returning to having no posts ready for my readers felt rather disappointing. So i did a little mid-year resolution - to not be away for so long !! The reason : We were travelling between Kunal's parents home in Vapi and Mumbai. We are making a big house with so many different rooms to be decorated - a Mumbai based girl / blogger / art fanatic / colour crazy girls' dream come true !!!! 
Here was my dilemma ... Taste in decor is so subjective. White vs color, minimalism vs opulence, glamorous vs rustic, the list goes on. You may lean toward one particular style or mix a few together – either way, everyone in the family is an ALPHA and  is sure to have their own unique interpretation. But I realised quickly .. One of the easiest ways to make a statement no matter what your style is to incorporate a pop of jewel toned color. Jewel tones can be a dramatic accent for any interior; whether it’s the color of every wall in a room filled with equally saturated tones or a single chair set against pale neutrals, there’s something warm and inviting about these elegant and dramatic hues.  I combed far n wide in search of interiors that convey the aesthetic impact vibrant jewel tones can create, and here are some of my favorites!
Image above: The emerald and citrine tones in the painting above pop against a dramatic sapphire wall in the home of Kate Schintzius.

Image above: Paige Morses‘s unexpected pairing of framed art layered on top of this wedding blanket creates a striking focal point in her Texas home.

Image above: Ruby red and illustrated wall decals sets a playful tone in the bedroom ofCarolyn Gavin‘s daughter.

Image above: Amethyst and citrine add to the glamour of Gemma Ahern‘s boldly hued living room.

Image above: Here is a completely different take on citrine. This time it adds to the bright and sunny mood of Judith de Graaff‘s French home.

Image above: This Sneak Peek of Wonderfactory showed us that you can be as adventurous as you like with color in the workplace.

Image above: Reiko Kaneko opted for a more subtle use of jewel tones in the form of hand blown glass on her windowsill.

Image above: These rich gemstone-hued curtains complete the luxe look of Katie Graham‘s living room.

Image above: Rym of Mademoiselle Bagatelles displays an impressive combination of colors, textures and patterns in the pink and red toned seating area in the living room of her Parisian home.

Image above: Vibrant sapphire, aquamarine and ruby tones enhance the old world elegance of this room in Frederic Coustol‘s Portugese home, creating a look so striking against the natural light that it looks like a study for a Vermeer painting.

Image above: Pink tourmaline hued fabric on this vintage armchair in Merav Sade‘s Israeli home provides just the right amount of color against the neutral tones of her living room.

Image above: Another view from the home of Kate Schintzius, she’s not afraid to let emerald hued malachite take center stage in her hallway.

Image above: Ruby tones in the Brooklyn home of Brin Reinhardt and Nathan Ursch.

Image above: A peek into the sumptuous jewel tones of Caitlin Moran‘s bedroom.

Image above: Cathy and Robin of Heath Ceramics embrace emerald for a monochromatic tiled bathroom.

Image above: Sapphire and turquoise in the Glasglow home of Fiona Douglas.

Image above: This Persian rug is the focal point with its dazzling jewel tones in Jamie Lawson and Jacqui Oakley’s Canadian home.

Image above: Megan Price + Robert Shadbolt choose a bold amethyst for their fireplace.

Image above: The shocking gem-like hue of these French doors was transformative for Emily Hensen’s dingy garage turned art studio in her Los Angeles home.

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