Thursday, May 16, 2013


When I was a little girl i would spend hours on end dreaming about the holidays when our dad was put us on a plane and fly us to exotic destinations of the world on holidays.. and with that came fancy rooms and bathrooms. As the years went by the simple luxury of a bath tub in the room -- my poor husband has to deal with my demands of a plunge pool in our holiday rooms .. wink wink.. its also one of the few reasons why our holiday planning is stuck for the last couple of days ! We are yet to find a room with a pool and a pool with a view ; )
Coming back to bath bombs ... our current room in the making in my husband Kunal's home town Vapi we have a room with a bath tub / jacuzzi... !! I'm in awe at all the decorating ideas the internet has thrown at me... and I came across my fav website Design Sponge who showed me how to make these Bath Bombs.. how amazingly simple is it to make these... check them out ! 

1. Combine the citric acid, Epsom salt and baking soda in a bowl. Mix well.
2. Add a few drops of the colorant and your fragrance of choice. Mix in the colorant using your hands. (The bath bomb colorant will clump up, but it shouldn’t cause the bombs to fizz.)
3. This next step is the tricky one: You need to get the mixture moist enough to form into the molds but not wet enough to start fizzing. Proceed slowly, spritzing the mixture and mixing the witch hazel in with your hands.
4. Once the mixture sticks together when you squeeze it, pack it into the molds.
5. Let the mixture dry overnight. Then gently remove the bath bombs from the mold.
*Note: While some recipes might call for food coloring, it’s actually important that you use a bath bomb colorant. Food coloring could stain your bathtub.

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