Saturday, April 26, 2014

I dream of a CAFE

Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
I’ve spent some of the best years of my life living in a cute cafe .. or dreaming of my own cute cafe with my friend of many years ..Raghuvir ! And its when I stop and see someone's dream of a small Bakery becoming something Big - i think its worth a mention .. even if it is half way across the world in Green Point, somewhere in the middle of the United States of America ... I wish I could personally go there and hear some inspiring stories from its owners - and how they fulfilled their dream ? I think my retirement plan is still that - To own an ART CAFE .. which will bring both my passions under one roof. A GIRL IS ALLOWED TO DREAM !!
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Originally from Norway, Nina Brondmo opened her delicious, bread-filled hotspot in an old home in Williamsburg in 2009. Its sweet treats, sandwiches, salads and desserts developed a devoted following almost instantaneously and fans now come from far and wide to not only sample the delicious food, but to admire the decor – a look that is uniquely Nina’s. A bit of old-world charm mixed with handmade touches (Nina’s good friend painted beautiful scenery and signage on the shop’s windows and doors). 

Photographs by Maxwell Tielman
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Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Bakeri’s Greenpoint location was born out of a need for more baking space. Nina explained that the Williamsburg location was so cramped that they sought out a larger space where they could devote more real estate to daily baking and shuttle the food back and forth based on the other location’s needs. But word of the new location has spread quickly and already locals have been dropping by to get coffee and fresh breads until the lunch service is in full swing (hopefully next week).
It’s easy to be blinded by one stunning wall in the space, dominated by the incredible wallpaper creation of French designer, Nathalie Lété. After seeing the paper in an Anthropologie catalog, Nina fell in love with it and quickly found herself in a hunt for the last remaining rolls (Nathalie only produced 100 rolls). Luckily, she was able to find two rolls in Europe and after they were installed, the space was flooded with colorful images and bright, cheerful flowers.
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
In addition to the wallpaper (which I’m pretty sure is bound to be an Instagram “most photographed” contestant soon), Bakeri’s Greenpoint space also features interior decorations, from tables and lighting to mirrors and display cases, that are almost entirely salvaged. Nina told us that she is always picking up pieces here and there during her travels and bringing them home to find a new space in her bakeries.
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
The most striking found feature is definitely the grand doors that form Bakeri’s entrance. Salvaged from Bedford-Stuyvesant, the doors are part of a beautiful and elaborate storefront Nina had designed and built to accommodate commercial ovens – and to welcome patrons in style. Nina’s good friend painted the gold floral detailing on the side panels and door windows, a delicate touch that highlights Nina’s attention to details at every step.
So many new restaurants open with an instantly “worn in” look these days, but without the heart and soul that makes it feel real. Nina has done such a beautiful job creating a space that feels homey and worn-in, but with the warm welcoming feel that comes with a space much, much older. 
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Resolutions

Happy Earth Day everyone! It’s sunny in Mumbai today and the trees decided t oexplode with blooms and leaves this weekend. They’re the perfect reminder of how lucky we are to have the nature around each of us- and how important it is to take care of nature. To celebrate Earth Day I’m starting the day with the results of last year’s D*S  Instagram challenge winners... I know a bit too old, but some truths remain the same ! There were hundreds of submissions and in addition to being impressed with how beautiful they all were, I’m so inspired by all of the ideas people from all around the world shared with them for being a little greener. I hope you’ll find their green resolutions inspiring and perhaps try a few of them yourselves. 
Image above (Winner #1): Holly La Porte

Winner #2: Kelisenk

Winner #3: Sam

Image above: Amy Azzarito’s resolution

Image above: ChiliHui

Image above: Grace’s resolution
Image above: Max’s resolution.

Image above: Jazmine Bradley

Image above: Kelisenk

Image above: Marissa Hermanson

Image above: Pompadourpress Press

Image above: Pretzel Life

Friday, April 18, 2014


Mirror Mirror on the wall... who is the fairest of them all ?? As a little girl not only did I love looking into the mirror hours on end, but it was my favourite game to play DRESS UP. I dont know how many times I would have wrapped a Sari Around me before I grew up and actually got so bored of it - that Now the thought of wearing a saree wears me off !!

But Mirrors are an essential thing. I feel a mirror is a must in every elevator - where you have your own personal moment of checking if the basics are in place. Or maybe outside a home - right before you enter so that you dont walk into an important conversation with the Oregano stuck in your tooth. Everyone knows you enjoyed a slice of Warm Pizza right before. Or in my new home - where I can have a long hard last look at myself before I face a new day and a new challenge. Design Sponge ran a Mirror Contest - and clearly - the entries are stupendous. Look at all the ways the mirror has been used in people's home. Lets take a sneak peak. 
Photo above taken by AB Crepeau
Photo above taken by Adam Golub
Photo above taken by Amen Inspired Design
Photo above taken by AR Locations
Photo above taken by Carolyn Cho
Photo above taken by Carolyn Cho
Photo above taken by Chloe Berk
Photo above taken by Daily Something
Photo above taken by Duck Egg Blue Blog
Photo above taken by Emily Jane Good
Photo above taken by Fleamarket Fab
Photo above taken by Hello Lidy
Photo above taken by Hodges Design
Photo above taken by Hunter Jones Vintage
Photo above taken by Jen Muirhead
Photo above taken by Kristen Cesiro
Photo above taken by Lindsay L3
Photo above taken by Mel Scouts
Photo above taken by M Valentine Gifford
Photo above taken by My Best Friend Craig
Photo above taken by My Best Friend Craig
Photo above taken by Olive Green Anna
Photo above taken by Olivia Mew
Photo above taken by Our Vintage Farmhouse
Photo above taken by Pine Gate Road
Photo above taken by Sam Kalda
Photo above taken by The Imaginative
Photo above taken by The Lowell Hotel
Photo above taken by Winsome Hollow
Photo above taken by WkndLA


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