Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DIY : Floral Mirror

This simple oval mirror is bedecked with a tone-on-tone paper floral garland, giving it a romantic but understated update. Drawing inspiration from springtime blossoms, I mimicked the forms of ferns, fritillaria, and magnolia in my garland. You can replicate any flower form you like, even varying them for spring, summer and fall flowers. 
Click through for the full how-to after the jump!
  • mirror or frame
  • black acid-free paper
  • craft glue or PVA
  • wire
  • scissors
  • pliers and wire cutter
  • staple gun
  • spray finish, matte or glossy
  • optional: black paint and paintbrush for frame
D_S mirror.0
1. If it is necessary to paint your frame, remove the mirror, apply black paint, and seal with the spray finish according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When dry, return the mirror to the frame.
2. To create leaves, fold a small section of paper in half and cut out two identical leaf shapes. Apply glue to one of these, lay a segment of wire down the axis of symmetry, and place the matching paper leaf over the wire. The wire is now forming the central vein of the leaf and its stem. Finish the leaf by cutting a serrated edge, crimping, or curling the paper’s edges.
D_S mirror.1
D_S mirror.2
3. To make buds and flowers, cut a length of wire for the pistil and stem. Cut a strip of paper into a row of petals, apply glue to the bottom edge, and wrap the petals around the wire. Crimping the base of the petals and curling their upper edge will give a more rounded shape to the bloom. Add sepals to the underside of the flower if you like.
D_S mirror.3
4. To create paper vines and stems, cut a length of wire and several 1/2” wide strips of paper. Apply glue to the paper and wrap the strip around the wire. Add leaves or blossoms by wrapping their stems under the paper as you move down the length of wire.
D_S mirror.4
5. When you have assembled all the pieces of your flower garland, apply a few coats of spray finish following the manufacturer’s instructions. This way the garland’s finish will match the frame, and the paper will be protected from sunlight.
6. To attach the paper flowers and vines to the frame, simply wrap the ends of the wire to the backside of the frame and attach with a staple gun.

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