Monday, November 28, 2011


People who have known me for donkey years know I am nuts about gift wrapping and wrapping papers. Even as a grown up child of only 25 - I gift wrap as it is free at departmental stores only because I find pleasure in opening them... There, I have said it. I love Gift wrapped stuff. My friends who have known this - have grown to like me this way. On my 25th Birthday which was on 12th Nov - my best friend Pankti Chheda gave me 25 small cute gifts. If you ask me today to name all of them - I dont quite remember - what I do remember is that each one of them was neatly packed and sealed. Like a little girl I jumped opening each one after the other !!!

Arent these packages just lovely ?? Do you believe me when i say that I am in love with these packaging ??

Potted Plant Villages

Ontwerpduo, the Dutch designers behind the bird cage chair, have come up with yet another whimsical project, Cottage Town. You fold up the tiny waterproof paper houses, place them inside your potted plants, and your plants become trees and forests!


How amazing are these liquid-in-motion splash images by German photographer, Heinz Maier? Each organic droplet is completely unique since they're captured at such a high speed.

Head Crowns

I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear a headpiece of some sort on my imaginary white gown wedding day. Not sure what kind, but I sure am loving Danielle's natural head crowns, made out of dried branches and florals. She says they're "perfect for a special occasion... or just a pretty day".

Thursday, November 24, 2011


One of my favorite shoe is rust colored. That toasty yummy seventies burnt sienna orange-brown. I'm so happy it's coming back into vogue.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cute Flower Girls

Cutest flower girl ever. Or shall I say, flower angel. The bride made her wings out of preserved pampas grass.

Did you (or would you) have flower girls at your wedding?

Clémence Floris

I love these dream state photos by French "image maker", Clémence Floris. They're from her series, Mes nuits sont plus belles que tes jours. My nights are more beautiful than your days.

Don't they remind you of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? One of my all-time favorite movies.

Pillow Headboards

After having looked at these amazing settings, I am hating the hard laminated headboard I have on my bed. I like, oo, not like, LOVE this idea of using pillows as a headboard. It would be extremely easy to recreate, it still keeps things minimalistic, and there would be no more need to prop up pillows for bedtime reading!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Floating Dining Room

I was doing some foodie research and flipped out when I spotted this floating dining room that serves an intimate multi-course meal to 12 guests on the water. But sadly, it closes after summer and we're one month too late. Drat.

It stays afloat with the use of 1,675 plastic 2-litre bottles that were built into the floor in order to promote clean water and sustainable ocean life. Good news for the rest of the world... it will be traveling around to partner with top chefs across the globe. I'm hoping it will float on down to Mumbai soon!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Plan for the Weekend

Welcome to a year in my life. I have spent a better part of 2010-2011 trying to imagine a weekend where i will be propped in the BED all day long and just enjoy NOTHINGNESS... But little have I know that this would just be my dream. Really ?? Here's hoping a relaxed 2011-2012 weekend in beds... The reason why I am saying BEDS with an S - meaning the million weekend getaways I will be able to enjoy... love propping myself infront of soft hotel beds with TV, a fantastic view and some room service. Am I a spoilt child or what !!!

Minimalist Children's Story Posters

Always a sucker for reinvented minmalist posters. These ones by Chicago graphic designer, Christian Jackson, are no exception. They come with an amusing disclaimer:
Though these are posters made from children's stories, not all images are appropriate for children.

Most likely referring to the Wizard of Oz print!


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