Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Soul Sisters !!

She walked in almost bullying a couple of guys around her... And one look at her and I instantly knew the connect. Within the next 48 hours I was to meet my soul sister. This was about 2 years ago - when I had gone to Baroda for a cousins wedding. I like to believe that even though I have not seen her in the last 2 years - she knows me. She reads me. She makes an attempt at keeping up with my otherwise insane life !! She is an inspiration to me... even though she thinks I am her inspiration. We love each other... We think of each other on days when we are away - our relationship has come close thanks to MSN : )

So when she said she was starting a BLOG -- It gave me this amazing oppurtunity to do something for her - that she has always done for me... provide her with the encouragement. I have promised her that there are a whole lot of people like you who are reading me today and will read her too... here is presenting the debutante, the full of life, the FAB-ulous free spirited I am in love with and you will fall in love with her too --- TULSI ... !!! Check her link out on http://fattofabandeverythingelseinbetween.blogspot.com

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Tropical Patio Paradise

You'd think this patio is in Hawaii, but naw, it's in Hollywood. Granted, LA's climate is more similar to the tropics than most cities, but the blue painted wall, tropical plants, colorful parasols, and tiki lights sure transform an average outdoor space into a cheerful island paradise. Wouldn't you like to invite yourself over?

Cardboard Furniture

I'm not sure I'd want permanent cardboard furniture, but how genius are these pieces for temporary solutions when you're in the middle of a move? Karton designs affordable recyclable cardboard furniture that folds up and flattens for future use.

My good friend now -- who i only recently met through a family friend is into permenaant furniture... i wonder how he view this for his business ??

Beach Camping

It's funny, because when I think of camping, I think FOREST. Little did I know one would also think of camping on the BEACH. This is what happens with a sunshine loving girl first meets a sunshine loving boy : ))

Exploding Flowers..!

Bryan Warakomski photographs floral explosions. Despite the violent act behind each shot, they sure look celebratory. Almost like fireworks. Now I can't decide what's more beautiful... flowers as is, or in mid-destruction. What do you think? :)

Exploding Flowers..!

Bryan Warakomski photographs floral explosions. Despite the violent act behind each shot, they sure look celebratory. Almost like fireworks. Now I can't decide what's more beautiful... flowers as is, or in mid-destruction. What do you think? :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rooftop Oasis

I’m already daydreaming about this country-meets-urban NYC rooftop apartment. It is absolute perfection with the colors, rustic outdoor living spaces, transparent rooms and foliage galore. This reminds me a bit of the greenhouse apartment

A Hilltop Cottage in Nova Scotia

Two interior designers from Los Angeles fell in love with Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia and built this simple Scandinavian-style cottage on the bluff for only $350k. It overlooks a national park to the north, the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the west, forested hills to the east, and headlands to the south. Sweeping views and seclusion... my top two requirements in a dream home.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

X-Ray Art

Steven N Meyers was a medical x-ray technologist for 30 years. His profession piqued his interest in the photographic process, so he began to experiment with the x-ray imaging of flowers and plants. I find it so inspiring when someone is able to use their unique skill set to turn a technical career into an artistic one.

The Starbucks Proposal

I love a good proposal story, who doesn’t?! Today, I’m sharing the proposal of Mikaela and Shane. Their first date was at a Starbucks, so Shane decided to build a Starbucks in the woods - seriously! Wait until you see it! :) Shane told Mikaela (who is a photographer) that they were going on a photo field trip to this great place he discovered, well he led her to a clearing in the woods and had Mikaela close her eyes. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw this…

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mission Voice Over - ACCOMPLISHED !

When I was all but 9, I sat at an inaugural function where my grand-father was a chief guest.. and it was on that day I decided I am going to condition myself in a way so as to be A SOMEBODY who gets invited places just to cut ribbons. And much to my amazement a few years down the line I was cutting a ribbon ! Alright alright – you didn’t have to do much to become a chief guest at Dominoes Pizza ! But it’s as if all these years my WISHLIST had been forgotten by GOD… and he has only just found it.

Ofcourse on top priority on this list is also lending my voice to a LIVE / a recorded PROGRAM ! And this is it -- ! Saturday I get a call from my soul brother – AAKASH SHAH. He auditioned me to do a voice over for a leading hair colour brand - they are partners to an upcoming movie Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara.. ! Of course, for all those who know me for donkey years, know that When opportunity STRIKES – I like to be number 1 in queue. And so I was… I rehearsed these promotional lines a couple too many times to get the wording correct over the weekend.

On D Day – which was this morning, I got to the Future Works Studio an Andheri. Now – if you are wondering whether it looks like that… array that… that yaa… That Entourage, HOLLYWOOD, MGM Studio types. Big modern building, large office spaces, big A/c Lobby, secret passage leading to a million other rooms, walking past the IN-SESSION Boards, quite corridors, heavily carpeted floors et all..!! Yes … Everything was just the same.. alright, maybe just a little smaller than you are now imagining… Yes, that’s perfect, just this much it looked !!

I reached to find The CORE TEAM of ARCHLIGHTS MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT PVT LTD all smiles. Mr Shashwat, Mrs Sonali and Mr Aakash – all dressed casually – no suits and boots here.. but once they started they were super professional in their approach.
It started with a small brief – with a couple of sample pieces which were discussed only to give me a rough idea of how it is supposed to be. The brief was simple and precise. There were 2 rooms, I in which the team sat – And I had to then walk to the other room – which is a sound proof room, all dark and dingy with only one spot light on the podium with the mike in front of me … And I got behind it then.

Yes folks, the mike is just like an Elvis Priestley’s mike with a little filter of sorts – just to make your voice clear and precise. Yes – at this point in time I was half tempted to break into a song to fulfil my weekend long khwaaish of recording a song at the studio ! That would have to wait I thought.

After doing a couple of takes and a couple of other styles of delivery – we were inching close to what they really wanted. For a person like me, I was feeling a little bit constricted. I speak with my hands and my eyes and my head bounce. And here I was – behind these shut doors with only my voice !!! That’s when I turned by back to them – and without them noticing I started using my hands and my rolling eyes etc while delivering !

IT WORKED !!! Everything after my secret actions started being approved. Line by line, and after patching bits of it…It was CUT – and PACK..!! Ofcourse they didn’t say that… I said the CUT and PACK UP also in my head.

I came out… We heard the pieces together. The equipment is also things we have never seen – except for in the making of films – especially when Anu Mallik sits on a swivel chair and goes like Kya sur hair, mazza aa gaya dialogues !!!
My VOICE OVER Assignment finished in less time than I had imagined ! But in all it was an amazing experience. MISSION VOICE OVER ACCOMPLISHED I SAY !!


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