Friday, July 15, 2011

Cardboard Furniture

I'm not sure I'd want permanent cardboard furniture, but how genius are these pieces for temporary solutions when you're in the middle of a move? Karton designs affordable recyclable cardboard furniture that folds up and flattens for future use.

My good friend now -- who i only recently met through a family friend is into permenaant furniture... i wonder how he view this for his business ??


  1. That's a nice design for wooden furniture but it really depends on the personnel choice and we should always plan first that what is best suited for our needs. There are several online services like Aico furniture which provide proffesional help for selecting right kind of furniture for your home according to your choice ,budget and space available in your office or home.

  2. Hi,

    Am looking for a cardboard lounger / couch. Could u help me with the contact of anyone who makes these in mumbai. pls mail me at

  3. HI, this is chintan..
    I am very much interested in cardboard furniture for my house..
    Please let me know from where can i buy the ones in the pictures above. Thanks,



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