Saturday, July 2, 2011

No Man's Art Gallery

This is all that we got in a mail on our Internations group… An expose called No Man’s Art Gallery.
“No Man's Art doesn't take the conventional routes when it comes to exhibiting art. Pop up galleries, guerilla galleries, Blitzgalleries, always combined with a small or big party to celebrate the art and artists are organised on a regular basis. We support arty initiatives and we are not bound by geographical borders. We make an effort to exhibit in as many countries as we can, showing as much talent as we can and make it accessible for as many people as we can.”

So we had to RSVP – and the secret location would be revealed only 3 days before the event. An amazing marketing technique – a build up Ami Gathani, My sister Dhwani Doshi and I had been waiting for. It was my first of a kinf Photography Exhibition that I was going to. And I was kicked.

The beautiful Curator Emeelie Koster explained to us that she is a part of Erasmus Mundus Program for Law and Economics - through which she travels to a different part of the world every 3 months. After 2 successful shows in Netherlands and 1 in Germany, No Man's Art Gallery is in its 4th edition. Apart from some world over artists, they also had some local artists displaying their works.

Well - There was ample of Nine Hills wine and Carlsberg and some appetizers flowing - just to add a topping on the amazing works displayed.... It was my amazing first experience. Some of these works really caught my eye. I tried to read into it - only to know I am such an amateur. And there is this whole new world of ART and ARTIST that I understand nothing about - but I was glad - this was a start !!

When I coudnt understand much of this series called "A WORLD IN CIRCLES" - the underwater edition by Roman Asmus - I had to ask my didi for reinforcement !!

Here is Dhwani Doshi and Ami Gathani's favourite. These Conaisseurs whose works I personally enjoy on a daily basis - Spent considerable time enjoying this series called "AN ODD PLACE IN TIME" - by Catharina Gerritsen

But one thing I did personally enjoy is this series of photographs by Himanshu Seth - My personal Favourite : ) Don't ask me why - I just like them much.

Other works also included this Sarah Wijzenbeek's - Feeling Blue Series. There is something about this slender sleek woman at the particular angle - super flattering !! Alright - Don't laugh at me - as I said, this is my first time.. and Appreciating art is an art in itself which i am yet to discover.

Here is an online version of the Press No Man's Art Gallery Generated.. In my view - this was an amazing concept which everyone can still go and catch.
Venue : No longer a secret - The Great Eastern Mills Compund
Time : Opend from 4 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Dates : 1, 2, 3 July, 2011.

p.s. - if you want to know whose behind these amazing photographs - its my very own friend - Ami Gathani from the Ami Gathani Design Studio (AGDS)

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