Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rooftop Oasis

I’m already daydreaming about this country-meets-urban NYC rooftop apartment. It is absolute perfection with the colors, rustic outdoor living spaces, transparent rooms and foliage galore. This reminds me a bit of the greenhouse apartment


  1. Hi Disha.... which part of NYC is this apartment located in? Did you click these snaps?

    Rahul Kumar

  2. Woooaahh!! If I were to have a dream house, this would be it!! At night, I can literally gaze at the stars
    while lying on my bed. The only downside of having this kind of house is the intense heat coming from
    the sun during daytime. Well, I hope they have already come up with a solution for that.

  3. Hey there, Richard. I think your concern about the intense heat can be remedied. By installing the right roofing material and by taking advantage of the right angle, the sunlight won’t be a problem at all. Also, a green roofing system can help cool the area, and this option is ideal for rooftops.



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