Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Soul Sisters !!

She walked in almost bullying a couple of guys around her... And one look at her and I instantly knew the connect. Within the next 48 hours I was to meet my soul sister. This was about 2 years ago - when I had gone to Baroda for a cousins wedding. I like to believe that even though I have not seen her in the last 2 years - she knows me. She reads me. She makes an attempt at keeping up with my otherwise insane life !! She is an inspiration to me... even though she thinks I am her inspiration. We love each other... We think of each other on days when we are away - our relationship has come close thanks to MSN : )

So when she said she was starting a BLOG -- It gave me this amazing oppurtunity to do something for her - that she has always done for me... provide her with the encouragement. I have promised her that there are a whole lot of people like you who are reading me today and will read her too... here is presenting the debutante, the full of life, the FAB-ulous free spirited I am in love with and you will fall in love with her too --- TULSI ... !!! Check her link out on http://fattofabandeverythingelseinbetween.blogspot.com


  1. Dia.... Thank you....
    They say the best things happen when you're least expecting them.
    This is the kind of stuff "they" must be talking about.... Cant explain the emotions when I saw this post.



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