Monday, May 20, 2013

The Stay At Home Club

A big part of me knows that I need to stop patting myself on the back for embracing my homebody nature. But after years of being teased for preferring to stay in than go out, I finally gave in and relished the fact that I love sinking into the couch with my Laptop with me researching for Wilderness, or a good book and a good movie every night. Every time I hear my freind's Ami or Pankti or my husband Kunal Shah's voice in my head — “Disha, you’re only 26 and not 56” — I’m going to tuck this bag under my arm a little tighter and remember that I’m part of a club. Ok, maybe not a real club, but a club that unites — in spirit — those of us who enjoy quiet nights at home with our pets. The Stay Home Club is an online shop that sells art and home goods designed by independent artists and illustrators. These pieces were designed by Olivia Mew and sum up my feelings pretty perfectly. So if you’re on the stay home team, click here to check out the patches and bags. If I see someone wearing one of these on the street, I’m definitely going to stop for a high five. And then I’ll ask what book they are reading this week ; P

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