Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coffee Love All Over Again

It's 8AM. My alarm rings. I lay in bed as excuses race through my clouded mind of why I won't be able to get up today. And then my senses start to kick in. The sunlight appears brighter, my ears pick up the frantic footsteps of my upstairs neighbors, and the coffee smells better then ever! Coffee, mmm. Okay, maybe I can get up.
Not only does coffee have the power to awaken the minds of countless designers, myself included, it also inspires incredible work. Dear Coffee I Love You is a blog dedicated to this very thing. With it's fantastic collection of mugs and packaging from the best resources around, it can make you fall in love with the beloved bean- and the wonderful culture it's produced, even more.

 Multiplied Moka
Loving this java-inspired print!
 Coffee Dream
Paper crafted by talented design team Zim & Zou
 Caffeinated Pixels
Yep, those are cups of coffee! Designed by Fabien Jochen Kanzler

 Beta Cup Design
 Editorial Design : Brave New World of Coffee
 I'm all about this print from Made by Girl : Blogs and Coffee
 Yep, I can relate. By Adam Brackney (Workerman)

Shiney Little Beans from Daily Shot of Coffee

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