Monday, March 4, 2013

Stamp of my Disapproval

I always pictured myself doing some major PR work. Strut into a large office, young atmosphere... shouting out orders. By afternoon swing some client off their feat.. by evening celebrating success with some bubbly champagne.. congratulatory messages in order ! Of course  life decision led me into this other thing I am so amazing at. The family run business.. exports, bigger clients. But the things I miss is being creative - the reason why I am so close to my blog. I miss the young atmosphere - its a trading house - and does not involve many people ! I miss the after work drinks culture or an office party. i would be kicking some ass at office politics I am sure !! If I was a head honcho of some top PR Firm Id be dishing out these on every rejected idea - A STAMP OF MY DISAPPROVAL ! Very Devil Wears Prada-ish.. Yes I look upto Meryl Streeps Character ;)

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