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Trousseau shopping can be stressful for a girl like me. Especially while buying make up. With no prior experience in shopping for the essentials, I experienced failure in my maiden visit to a multi brand make up retail outlet. Boy oh boy.. was I in for a traumatizing afternoon or what !! First off, the ladies behind every counter were over done to say the least, which first put me off the whole idea of buying make up in the first place. Wasn’t make-up supposed to make you look glamorous ? Hot ? Sultry ? Irresistible ? To add to my agony they were pushy and trying to sell me 10 products in one go. Each of them wanted to fix me in one of their booths for a skin analysis and rush me into a purchase. Of course there is no good end to this story ! I took the first exit in sight and was back home all in a matter of 30 mins.
Google being my BFF.. I hit search on make-up buying tips. DESPERATE ! I know ! But what does one do when they come from a non-make-up-wearing family. Google hit me back with a million make up hook up sessions which offered some great tips.. Unfortunately the women were all white ! Whatever happened to the quintessential wheatish brown Indian beauty ? That’s when I came across  This website dishes out beauty tips made for our type of Indian skin by the dozen. The website is easy to navigate and very user friendly.
Pallavi Symons, their make-up specialist seems to have a go to answer to all my problems. It basically covers Make-up basics, DifferentLooks  And then an expert review.
Make up basics covers everything your mother did not tell you about beauty and grooming. 

The section on different looks gives a dozen ideas.. each with a link to glamrs tv – which is basically a youtube channel which is an audio visual classroom on make up 101. 

And the best part is, that there are a dozen different products coming out in the market. She explains the ingredients, the USP and the application of these new products – which makes make-up buying such an easy and a happy process.

They also have a Magazine that I highly recommend each one of you subscribe to. It has become my every Friday read .. Prepping myself for the weekend of parties and socializing  The tips they give have come in very handy. They even tell you what do on a festive occassion or a coffee date for example – that’s how specific yet to the point this website can get. Although what I am really waiting for is their SHOP section – which is “Coming Soon” .. where I am really hoping we can buy the exact same products that they show.. wouldn’t it be just too convenient then ?
Ofcourse you see all the gorgeous beauties like Dipanita Sharma Miss Malini and VJ Romoma and their likes sitting on Pallavi Symons’ hot seat which makes you wonder if these tips will do the same magic it did for them or not ? Or will the products work on you or not ? Well… I can only say – watch and learn ladies… check the website now

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