Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Baa...

Happy Birthday to my dearest grandmother... wherever you are.. I know you are looking down upon us all and have a happy feeling that you brought us up all very well. It is for this reason we remember you so fondly, not only today when it is your special day.. but whenever we go to the beach, it reminds us of the time when you would pack us all up and make a picnic out of it. Or when we go to Shiv Sagar and remember seeing you , newly discharged from the hospital - but wanting to make it a pit stop to drink your favorite Falooda. We remember you whenever the melted cheese of an jalapeno cheese popper from Mangii Fera burns our tongue -- while I know you would have loved your cheese bhajiyyas and gobbled a mouthful. i know you would have the perfect advice for all my problems then and even now - cause you always took on the world and its nuances in a just as is way and get on with your life as though you were born to rule this world. Happy Birthday dearest Grandmaa... !!

p.s. What is / was your grandmother like ? I would fall off if I heard some grandmaa give me this advice ... Grandmother Tips by designer Chaco Puebla. Love how he works with his own family members to get these great shots... 

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