Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Industrial Lighting Transformed

Last weekend I went to a dozen places ... And all i could see was vintage / antique light fixtures and furnitures. I mean, is the world really seeing what i have been raving about for the last 2 years on my blog ? Either ways I am the winner. It is almost eye-candy for me !! Re-cycled, vintage, antique furnitire can be spotted everywhere -- from Cafe Zoe to Lush store in Palladium Mall.  antique light fixtures in modern spaces is a complete WINNER. I just LOVE how they come to life when taken from their pre-existing environments and are transplanted into a fresh new scenery. Trainspotters Lighting and Salvage is a store based out of the UK that does exactly that. Their catalog of vintage light fixtures adorn everything from upscale restaurants and boutiques to little country homes. Take a look...

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