Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day of 2011

Thank GOD for the Greek gods stars and planets to align in a way that the BIG FAT V-Day fell on a Monday this time. So there was no pressure for all of us singles out there, battling their Mid-20’s ( God, I never thought I would be saying this!) ALONE on Valentine’s Day. It is one half of a battle to remain alone, and it’s another half to battle those who are not single anymore. To see that they feel guilty telling you about their V-Day Plans makes you want to attempt the 100kms sprint from there to as far as possible.

So, I spent the RED DAY away from everything. Thankfully, work consumed my day and everything remained Low Key. But by the end of the day I had to confront my fears and go out there. And I did. Only to be asked – So, How’s the VDay going! Now, I am not one of those pathetic liars who would say , Oh I don’t believe in LOVE ! Or oh, I do not celebrate VDay ! Of course for me Love is the start and stop of the world. Love turns my world. And I still Believe in the Big Fat “L” Word.

I went back home and said a silent prayer for next V-Day to be not so over rated, or for the mystery man to finally come my way !! So yes... Here is a confession to the mystery man. I’m here, patiently waiting for you to come... ! until then I’m going to spin and make sure the lady in the back side of the picture gets kissed each time – may it be Valentine’s Day or not... Have fun Spinning it AROUND !!!

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