Friday, February 18, 2011

My Dream Bali Wedding !

With lots of free time this weekend - This is a very first holiday that my office is actually shut on account of a public holiday ! What a bummer. Anyhow - so this is my first holiday post. It has to has to has to be one with LOVE Involved. I have been back on the track of love - no dearies, not that of a boy - but some real best friend love. We made up ! And ofcourse it started with FOOD. We share that. The two of us.

So, this post it about celebrating LOVE and we got talking about the boys in our lives. Not that either of us is remotely close to one. But we know at the end of a night's conversation what our dream BEACH Wedding is going to look like.

Anyone wants to fly to BALI to be my bridesmaid ???


  1. i volunteer to be ur maid of honor (too old to be bridesmaid)

  2. Muahhh....hope it really happens for us...bali ....bkk....ko samui....wherever....n yes wait for lots of food n boi talk in the coming week :) all smiles



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