Thursday, November 25, 2010

Picture Puuurrrffffeeeccctttt !

“Slightly to the left..!” “No, no madam, bahut ho gaya !!” “CHIN UP.” “Thoda Down, Bus zarra saa...” clicking a photograph is a mission for me each time. I have had over the years only 1 passport size photograph that i can actually say is a good picture. I have seen millions of pretty faces – but when you see what picture they have in their passport – it would be something ridiculous. After my mundane ( when i went bald) I have faced the camera only twice – the first time being one of the worst pictures in the history of pictures !!!

To get my passport re-newed ! i look like the SON of a Nigerian MAFIA. Ofcourse there is a big bad world out there – so i have erased out the other details... !! YES thts me. In my defense – it was a hot sunny day and i was sweating like a pig – i had a deadline to chase cause i wanted to leave the country for an import business meeting !! and so i had to make do with this picture !!!!

Posing or anti-posing has been my thing for the past couple of years... !! Here is what I do to most people – just for the kicks ! To make a happy frame ! To get that quirky smile on their faces.. !! and most times i have been quite successful in getting them to smile...!

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