Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Little Joys of LIFE

Dear All,
So I am extremely sorry first of to have not updated my blog in a little more than a month. What can I say ?? LIFE IS A ROLLER COASTER RIDE and I am refusing to get off it… !!

A Quick update about what has happened. First I went to Germany on business – uh huh, yes, I do a business apart from just writing plain simple-le boring blogs of the love of my life, men in general, current crushes, cooking, eating and a whole lot of other bullshit u guys read abt- and I get a lot of appreciating for. The little joys of life I tell u !! So – coming to the point. Business was good and I made some load of money to get me off the thought of how I am going to pay for the land I have bought . a part of the payment for which remains and is bugging the shit of me !!

Next up , I flew to CYPRUS for a quick Diwali Holiday with my family. Nothing compares to the time I spend with my family. We are a bunch of strong headed individuals who have found our right tuning with each other – so each year for about 10 days we get together and celebrate diwali and different locations. This year it was in the beautiful island country of CYPRUS. So we spent out time on the beach – sunbathing – and have tanned ourselves hues of barbeque… !!! We are BROWN- INDIANS now. More on the beautiful sunsets, sunrises and cocktails in my next blog. We also had a quick stop at EGYPT… !!! And my little TIFF with a company called FLASH TOURS… !!!

Then I came back and reloaded my bag with some fresh clothes and went to GOA for my birthday weekend. Nothing compares to FRIENDS + GOA.. what a beautiful airy sunny life I have. Yes, I heard that from everyone who called me , emailed me, BB’d me on my birthday !!! And yes also people who FACEBOOKED ME ! now don’t think I am lame – but facebook notified me that an alarming 150 people have written on my wall… !!! WHAT – this excluding the people who wished me on the phone – which was ringing off the hook from 8 a.m. UI have some lovely friends and family , don’t you think ?? I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life. It was what birthdays are supposed to make u feel, right ???

And then of course – when I came back – we took delivery of my fathers shinning new MERC E 280 CDI !! luxury personified. What can I say – im proud of this man who not only taught us to dream big but also taught us how to chase them. He is a super human in the form of a demi god in the form of my father !!! MY DADDY STRONGEST… !!

Anyway – I have to go check on the new machine in our new factory – which happened in the middle of all this… but I promise to come back as soon as everything is settled.

And I have another reason to celebrate – my 100th BLOG is coming up… YIPPIEIIEEEEEEEEE…. !!!! It’s celebrations time all the way.


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