Tuesday, November 23, 2010

100th POST !

As a little girl I spoke when it was not my turn, I answered when it was not needed, I gave an opinion even if I was not entitled to in the wrong places and not to the right people. It gave me a reputation of sorts. A strong minded individual like me could be dangerous. BLOGGING is a serious passion for me. One that gives me the freedom to write freely what i feel and what I think, without the hazard of being explosive. Such is my blog. It is an extension to my life. and today – after much nurture and care my blog has reached a 100 !!!

A 100....!!! CELEBRATING A 100 blogs ... wooohoooo. When I started off, I had no idea that this would be the turn out. I did not know that this thing which started off as a rough template would take such a beautiful shape. It would be a place where I could talk about things I love - travel, books, art, interior design, fashion, music, movies, eating, being in love, design and my sunshine.

A lot of people to be thanked. My grand-parents. Who are somewhere there, looking after my universe. They are the first people who encouraged me to always express... they are the ones who were so proud of me – even if it only meant me saying a line in the class play ! They were there, applauding loudly !!

Next up my parents... These 2 people, single handedly can charge me up with enough energy to last a life time. They not only have inspired me to dream big , but gave me the ability to chase after my dreams.. and they are such a perfect example.
Dhwani, my sister, my soul mate. For her undying passion for her artwork – her relentless hard work, day after day after day. She knows what she wants. And she encourages me to work towards what I like the most Writing ! With her around, I strive to know what I want.. and be thankful for what I have. And always being by my side.

My friends... Pankti, Amzie, Raghuvir, Aakash, Jesal, ... for always being so available to discuss everything under the sun. I owe my sunshine to them. Everyone else too, who help me aspire to achieve more. To do more. To strive for more.. !!! Thank you so much for always being there, everyone.

Also to all those people who actually sit up and read some of my stuff, and time and again comment or call or message, just to let me know you care that i write .. Please keep them coming. There is nothing more I love than to hear you critique my stuff – mostly the good stuff ; p . but when you write, I know you read. When you write, I know my thoughts provoked something in your mind to move you to click click.. !!!

My PURPOSE : To provoke thoughts with my writing – Mission Accomplished !!!


  1. Hearty congratulations. I can totally understand this feeling... been through once... but I have learnt one thing... consistency is extremely important and I admit I have not been consistent in blogging... Though, I see a lot of energy and enthusiasm in you... so keep it up!

  2. wow, 100 blogs is some feat:)
    Keep it real UP!



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