Monday, July 5, 2010

The GreenBo revolution

I am just back from Africa. I went to Ghana, kenya and Zambia. These places are the luxury of space and the time we fast moving city residents seem to be having lesser and lesser of. I went to some uber rich and some decently working class individual's home.. and whast struck me most if their gardens. One of the ladies could run a vegetable market of her own with all her produce in her backyard. So i decided to start planting some small plants when i get back.

I have been back for 2 days now. And I pondered really hard. So I have 1/2 a feet window sill which is literally thanks to the boxed grill all around my windows. Some of which are used to hang the clothes dry. Leaving me with just a little space to grow maybe 6- 7 plants.

And then I came around this website. Its called GreenBo! They make this space friendly pots. On first look they look like those cheap chinese plasticware that you think is going to brake once it falls of the sil its delicately standing on. But then you read all these testimonials and people who are so happy with the product. And how it brings about greenery for people living in urban spaces. I am happy ordering mine online. Check out these cute colourful pieces promoting a greener urban space of the future.


  1. They are so pretty. Unfortunately my balcony railing is a tad thicker.

  2. What chances do this have of not cracking one's head underneath on a windy day?

  3. Fevistick the window sil... No problems after that. I live by the sea ... survived the monsoon wind.



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