Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bare Essentials v/s Accessorize

My aunt and her children recently came back from the United kingdom. They were away on holiday. Whne they came back I asked her if she liked it there ? she said it was okay ! I probed her to talk, as clearly she had a very strong opinion - for she liked it Okay. Not too good or excellent or too bad or horrible.

She pointed out from Channel to dior to zara to Prime Ark each one sells the same long black leggings for example in different fabrics and qualities. But in the end they make the person look the same. She believes each one look generic. As compared to india - where ready made clothes are no biggie, so each one has their unique style. People dont look like each other's clones.

So the brighter side of this whole point she was trying to make was
1. how unique each one looks
2. because we have unique clothes we do not need to stress out about the accessories to make a dress look different
3. Even jewellery has starting to become common, and hence the make-up and all the stress about being immaculate.

Man - is it stressful to dress up ? Or will india never come up from its dress-down code that it has been following for years ? only time will tell.

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