Friday, September 23, 2011

Chalkboard Postcards

If you have made it to the list of people who receive a travel post card from me every now and then you will realise I love all things POST – CARD related. The feeling of something having travelled 7 oceans and touched so many hands to deliver this important piece of information to you is comparable to nothing !!
The list of people keeps becoming longer as I live my life month after month. Each time a new person is added to this list !! I feel this is so important to touch peoples lives who you think are so dear to you… that you want to be dear to them as well, if you know what I am saying.
So when I saw this post card series -- I'm admiring Robyn's chalkboard postcards. She made them for the Mailart 365 Project using chalkboard paint and a special spray so they won't smudge. See more designs here and here. Wouldn't you love to get a post card from me ??

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