Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wilderness' 2013 Gift Guide : ORNAMENTS + TRIMMING

Every year I methodically save images and links starting in October and have to stop myself when my initial selections hit 400. This year it was nearly impossible to narrow it down to fewer than 100 decorations, but I just made it. There are few things more fun than decorating a holiday table, tree or vignette, so I’ve done my best to include as many ideas for ornaments, garland, tree toppers, wreaths, tree skirts and lights as I could. There’s something for every style and budget in here, so I hope you’ll find something that suits your holiday style. 
Images above, clockwise from top left: Tree Candles $69, Bottled Glass Glitter $16, Paper Ornaments $14, Newsprint Trees $24, Brass Trees $28, Birch Bundle $65, Horse Ornament $11.25, Sleigh Ride Bells $128, Recycled Paper Garland $42, Mother of Pearl Wings $39

Images above, clockwise from top left: Cuckoo Clock Ornament $28, Beaded Snowflake$8, Magnolia Wreath $70, Glass Ornaments $25, Tinsel Icicles $28, Silver Animals $3,Glitter Ornament $6, Silver Garland $16, Geometry Ornament $12, Bird Clip 4 for $15

Images above, clockwise from top left: Magnolia Garland $106, Pinecone Garland $20,Zeolite Ornament $88, Winter Woodland Wreath $98, Rosehip and Fir Swag $36, Zeolite Garland $800 (if you won the holiday lottery), Quartz Ornaments $8+, Agate Ornament$14, Forest Floor Topper $28
70 more wreaths, garland, ornaments, tree toppers and more after the jump . . .

Image above: Feather Wreath $15

Image above, left to right: Felt Ball Wreath $31, Flower Wreath $31

Image above, left to right: Felt Garland $15, Triangle Garland $15

Image above, clockwise from top left: Mini Tree and Garland $100, Flower Garland $19,Vintage Tinsel $7

Image above: Poinsettia Garland $32

Image above: Vintage Garland $24

Image above: Christmas Paper Chain $10

Image above: Bell Garland $29
Tree Skirts

Image above, clockwise from top left: Basket Tree Skirt $58, Faux Fir Tree SkirtMistletoe Tree Skirt $55
Tree Toppers

Image above, left to right: Glitter Tree TopperGlass Owl Tree Topper $58

Images above, clockwise from top left: Hummingbird Ornament $6, Pom Pom Garland$58, Pom Pom Ornament $14, Alphabranch Ornament $8, Ornament Wreath $128, Facet Ornaments $5.85, Peacock Clip $55, Glass Tree $38, Needlepoint Canvas Ornament $12

Images above, clockwise from top left: Glitter Garland $18, Bird Clip $6, Lemonwood Ornament $49, Branch Menorah $125 (more menorah here!), Snowflake Ornaments $8+ each, Gold Trees $28–$38, Arrow Ornaments $7.50–$12, Luminere Ornament $21 for 3

Image above, left to right: Confetti System Ornaments $9, Geo Glass Ornaments $6

Image above, clockwise from top left: Himmeli Ornaments $49 for 8, Onion Ornament$22, Himmeli Garland $77, Polish Star $18

Image above, clockwise from top left: Glitter Acorns $47 for 9, Mason Jar Ornament $12,Vegetable Ornaments $38 for 6, Candystripe Ornaments 3 for $18

Image above, clockwise from top left: House Ornament $30, Retro Ornament Set $25,Bird Clips $15 for 4

Image above, left to right: Tinsel Bubble $10, Swiveling Tinsel Bubble $10

Image above, left to right: Fringe Garland $28, Acid Pearl Ornament $16

Images above, clockwise from top left: Cabin Ornament $12, Waffle Cone Ornament $23,Cat Ornament $12, Knit Bird Ornaments $5

Image above: Origami Bows $10

Image above, left to right: Hand-crocheted Christmas Lights $22, Stargazer Lights $48

Image above: Pinecone Lights $38

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