Tuesday, August 26, 2014


If the past decade of my life has taught me anything, it’s that ingenuity and cleverness—at least when it comes to the home—can go a long way. From making the most of a small space to using unusual materials in a new way, a clever idea can save you money, brighten your life, and make your living space feel like a home. 
Above: Looking for a quick way to get downstairs that also adds 100 points of fun to any space? Take a page from designer Alyn Carlson’s book and install a vintage fireman’s pole!
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Above: Rather than shelling out the big bucks for big built-ins, start a collection of vintage drawers. You can stack them on open shelving for easy, beautiful organization!
Above: Short on space? Follow Kay Wang’s lead and loft that bed!
Above: Highlight strange features in your home by adding a whimsical painted frame around them.
Above: Spruce up any bookshelf by adding a fresh coat of paint to the outside and inside of the shelves!
Above: Craft a charming and affordable display frame using box tops and ribbon.
Above: For an instant luxe look, paint a small space (like a bathroom) a dark color—you’ll be surprised at how much more spacious it looks!
Above: Craft a quick headboard using fabric stretched over plywood…
Above: …or try your hand at a fabulous hand-painted headboard!
Above: Tuck away unsightly clothing, boxes, and “stuff” by adding curtains to your bookshelves.
Above: Spruce up humdrum cabinets by painting the fronts and pulls in contrasting colors.
Above: Instead of adding paint to your walls, try removing it, leaving the plaster exposed. The result is a warm, timeless, effortlessly beautiful look.
Above: Create a communal, casual vibe in your dining room by opting for long benches instead of chairs.
Above: Make your library a little more cohesive looking (and protect your books!) by adding custom craft paper covers.
Bradley Hunter apt,
Above: Turn your favorite collection into a work of art by taking it off the shelf and onto the wall!

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