Friday, May 29, 2015

Love Struck !

Hello Lovelies ... I hope everyone is  feeling their toes and fingers and all 20 of them !!  I am still finding my bearings post my little episode yesterday. I was required to go under a full body anesthesia. It was very scary. I was also attached to an IV drip with glucose... Yes the worst is behind me and now I am snuggling with my lover sipping on some Iced Tea.

But apparently when I was in the under world, of course I don't remember any bit of it but Kunal tells me I kept weeping and saying I don't tell him enough how much I love him... ! I still dont know whether that is true of not, whether I really feel that I don't appreciate him enough, I would like to take this moment and tell him how much I Love you Kunal Shah... !

He sat right next to me through the entire morning. Got me fresh juice and water to sip onto all the way back from the doctors. And even when I was home, he propped up the pillows, tucked me into our marital bed and got me some soul food.

I am so very lucky to have him !! I don't know many men who would sit next to me all day, each day and listen to me talking about my unusual dreams, telling him what to do if I die and informing him time and again on the way to deal with the world knowing fully well that I married him because he was world wise in the first place !!

Kunal is the sort of confident guy, who just knows how to make the smallest things seem oh so important and the biggest thing seem surmountable all the time. He is the reason why I have learned how to relax.... he is the reason why i know what things to priporitse and give my everything to.

Kunal, you make my world go round ! Thank you love for being my everything !!

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