Friday, April 30, 2010

Sucker for Routine !

I am a sucker for routine ! I love getting used to things… And live in monotony. Then one fine day I will completely give up and shut that chapter of my life – and never go back to it again – Like the MSN window I fell in love with. And fall into a complete new routine. Change is constant, but between two changes I am all for routine – if that makes any sense. The routine these days is to Hit the Gym. This is my nth struggle with starting the gym. But surprisingly I have still not given up ! Thumbs up for me.. !! I am in love with the pain.. every square inch of my body hurts. But this pain gives a good feeling. Fingers crossed for the new GYM ROUTINE !

My trainer Vikas is really good. I haven’t gotten a chance to thank him yet. We have still not become friendly. We do our thing and then lead our separate lives, connected only with the 80 mins I spend in the gym 4 times a week. Wonder if he wonders why I have this weird hair-do? Why I let myself become so FAT ? Why I am so weak when it comes to lifting weights (It’s ridiculous how 15 pounds dumble shrugs leave me in acute pain – and Luv does them effortlessly with a 100 ! )

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