Friday, October 8, 2010

Master Chef India

From the time I was 13 – and My mum started the whole, “You should learn how to cook !” I often wondered how much fun it would be for Sanjeev Kapoor to cook – for everything is fine chopped and cling film wrapped in pretty looking bowls in a spotless kitchen with some really cool gadgets. I would often pretend I am hosting the show myself – and start explaining to the 4 walls of a pretty Greyish boring kitchen at my house to make the learning process bearable.

And when I grew bigger –Life just got colourful with the Niggela Feasts, Rachelle Allen’s Bake or Kylie Kwong, Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef – hosted by our very own Padma Lakshmi finding their way into our television channels. And then the real show of all shows – MASTER CHEF comes along. In no time it became one of my favourites and has been entertaining me with different spin offs like Master chef Australia – currently being aired, Celebrity Master Chef, Junior Master Chef, Master Chef the original !!

Restaurateur and chef Gary Mehigan, chef George Calombaris and food critic Matt Preston serve as the show's main judges in their Australian series. The USP of this show is that just when you thought now they have given the ultimate of all challenges, or now they cannot possibly have something new, or the presentation just can’t get any better, or the participants are the cream de la cream... Each new series and episode takes you by surprise !!

The Best episode by far according to me was that of the "Mystery Box”. Each one was given a box of ingredients. I would possibly never know how to put these bizarre elements together.

1. duck breast,
2. raspberries,
3. pinot (I’m assuming noir), cabbage,
5. lavender,
6. Fennel
7. dark chocolate.

Oh, what to cook? What to cook !! What, what did they cook !! Oh, What are they cooking anyway ?? Oh My good, they COOKED – was my reaction.
And at the end of 30 mins – here is what the MASTER CHEF’s made out of the bizarre combinations - Glazed duck breast, pancakes, lavender custard, a chocolate Ganache tart with lavender cream and crispy duck with raspberries marinated in wine with fennel fronds, chocolate and raspberry soufflé with lavender cream. And The DRAMA Quotient is upped each time – the presentations are impeccable.

Looking at my excitement – I was SUPER DUPER Happy when Master Chef announced their INDIA Series... But to my uttermost disappointment, even before it has started – we have some RUBBISH NEWS... It is going to be hosted by AKSHAY KUMAR. Didn’t anyone not see his miserable performance in Khatron Ke Khiladi ?? , his lack of real ideas and a style mis-match to this show ?? Even after being a CHEF in his past, did he not FAIL in Chandani Chowk to China !!! Why have the producers signed him on then ?? Where is the INTERNATIONAL APPEAL ?? ... Don’t we want people in Australia to watch MASTER CHEF INDIA ?? Why couldn’t they have chosen someone WORTHY of this... Oct 9, just got a bitter bitter start. Now I am only hoping the contestants work their magic and overshadow the crook of the show !!

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