Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cities !

What does your city mean to you ? Would your wear it and show it around ?? Check our some really cool city skyline pendants you can now wear !!

There is enough written about Mumbai and how it is such a super city. Mumbai is MY CITY !!! But Here is what I think of other cities in india and abroad.
LONDON – the city of my dreams
NEW YORK – Melting pot of arts and culture
DUBAI – Partying and shopping
HONG KONG – Sky Scrapers
BRUSSELS – 2nd Home
DELHI – A Big Show-off
CAIRNS – Scuba Diving Reef
MELBOURNE – Crown Towers
SYDNEY – opera house, beautiful beautiful
BRIBANE – Young at heart
INNSBRUCK – Beautiful Lake side with a cafe au lait
VIENNA – Mozart and the Opera
NASSAU – the jewel of the Bahamas – colourful
BRUDGE – Venice of norther Europe
ANTWERPEN – Diamante
LIEGE – Le Carre Wednesday evening parties !!
THIMPU – Nature at its Best
GUANSHOU – Shopper’s Paradise
HELSINKI – Waterfront
PARIS – Champs Elysee
LILLE – Partying
ACCRA – Football Lovers
DUSSELDORF – Business Fairs
INDORE – Chappan
GOA – Beaches and Beer
AHEMDABAD – Summer Vacation Galore
AMRITSAR – Golden Temple by night and kulcha by day
CALCUTTA – Cookie Jar
JODHPUR – Umaid Bhavan
TIRUMALA – tirupati Balaji
BARODA – Kite Flying Festival
PANCHGINI – Table Land
MAHABALESHWAR – Lake Side Corn Pattice and Strawberries with Cream
BALI – Balinese Massages
VENICE – Arrogant People
ROME – Gelato
TOKYO – Hygeneic but Silent People
NAIROBI – Patel Chips
AMSTERDAM – Hash Brownies
MANILA – Some of the best Cafe’s around the world
BARCELONA – a Pop- Artists dream city
GRINDELWALD – God’s most beautiful creation
BANGKOK – Shopping
KOH PANG YANG – Full Moon Party !!
ANN ARBOUR – Student City
NEW JERSEY (The little towns that make up New Jersery)– Filthy rich Indian doctors, Lawyers
L.A – Universal Studios
SAN FRANCISCO – Dreamy Eyed City
HO CHI MINH CITY – Cuchi Tunnels


  1. New Jersey is a state not city

  2. Hi Anonymous.. Thanks for bringing NJ to Notice !!

  3. You may also want to add - Lucknow - Nawabs and Kawabs!!



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