Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teaching at Mithibai College

I came back home from the party at 1 last night. After which I spent an hour reading the course work for my teaching class today. It’s at a time like this I wonder why I take up something more than I can handle - sure my 24 years and some days old bones are getting lazier ! It is one thing to know what you do – and excel at it day after day, but teaching that to a whole bunch of 60 students ( who are sleepy ) x 2 classes Export/ import is another ball game .

Honestly – I do remember very well , nodding profusely in a 7 a.m. lecture – back in the day when I was a student of Mithibai College, BMS – but not understanding a word of what is being taught. Especially on a fine wintery morning, where it’s just cosy enough to drift into outer space till everything around me turns dark pink and purple – and then.... then... a whole other world – which definitely looked more interesting than the OHP projector reflecting the transparency and its contents. The flutter of pages every now and then. The slightest irk caused by the chalk. The teacher hmming and ahhhing in between. The low hummmm of the A/c working – and then suddenly the entire class becomes silent !

I was woken up by a teacher – much to my embarrassment ! Today, being on the other side – and trying to snooze at a student felt so weird. Strangely it made me feel way older than 24. I said a silent thank you for not letting that guy buy me a drink last night – imagine this with the alcohol residue in my body – would have been disastrous. For the very first time I thought I needed to refuse the drink and behave older and more mature and get back into bed.

Being funny comes easy to me – but sometimes as a teacher – I feel awkwardly conscious cracking into a joke – will i be over stepping the friendliness border ? I added the first few of my students over Facebook today.. !! Will they accept the friendship request ? only time will tell ! But one thing is for sure – I am a lot more relaxed than I was when I had first walked into the class. I only hope i do not lose my drive to wake up morning after morning and come to the class. Especially saying goodbye to Friday night parties 2 hours before I would have actually come back is the hardest thing to do !! I hope in the end it is worth it. I hope in the end I make a difference !


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