Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions !

As you count down the hours to the new year’s eve, all you can think about is of New Beginnings ! “2011 is going to hold many promises which 2010 failed to deliver.” But, do you remember the promise you made to yourself on the 31/12 last year ? Many of us have even forgotten the promise. Such is a case with 98% of the individuals. So what does it take to be in the 2% of achievers ?

The trick is in maintaining a pocket size diary. This diary, at the end of each day is like an open day at school. The empty page will reflect as a measure of what you have done and how far you are from achieving your goal. When you will see many empty pages in a row, your mind will start competing against you ! It will plot and scheme against the negative energies of the universe.

Each day you will find yourself getting up earlier and earlier than usual, in order to fill these empty pages ! you will experience that time has expanded itself and you can inculcate a lot more productive things in your day. Each day starts with an enthusiasm unmatched – and at the end of the day you will feel victorious of having achieved so much !

“My life is boring. There is Nothing worth mentioning !” is your thought. Then you are wrong ! A personal diary can start with just some simple ideas and answers to :
Did I experience/take part in some exciting/surprising situations/events?
What were the various tasks I performed today?
Did I meet some new person, made some contacts?
Did I share some thoughts/took part in some discussions with someone?
Did I achieve success/completion in my tasks (small or big)?

Also make a note of the emotion of the day : Positive/Abstract/Negative Emotions. Over a period of time you will also see your emotions Neutralizing. Use affirmative words to reassure yourself of your goal.

The important thing is the discipline ! BEWARE of the devil-voice inside you ! Initially he will bar you, tease you to stop writing, To give up in order to get rid of the feeling of not having done anything. Whenever you think of failure – open your success Diary. When you turn the pages, You will soon realise you do not need anyone to Pat you on the Back. You have done it several times and success is here to stay. Failure is only a process. Through your diary you will be able to rewind and refresh those lovely memories, those cherished moments which will instantly light up your dull day !

But be true to yourself and see your world change in front of you. See the clock tick on 31/12/2011 – and when you reflect back, experience the satisfaction! In the words of Latesh Joshi, “If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then you will begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page.”

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