Thursday, March 24, 2011

1 Million Copies and a Million Dollar Home

So, today is the photo-shoot for INC Magazine – this means I’m going to check out one of the things off my list to do before I die ! It is nothing major – I’m going to be featured as a Case Study. Basically telling the world – everyone sees failure – but it is how you react to it is going to determine how your success is going to look like. More on it when it actually comes out in May Issue. Book your copies peeps !

Anyhow – I cant wait to be a celebrity – of course for all the good reason. I wish to be known for some charity work, I wish to be known for my art gallery – which is still in my head. I wish to be known as a writer who sold 1 million copies for the book which is in making. I wish to be known for the girl who lost amazing amount of weight !!! GOSH – there are tons of things I would be wanted to known for… !!

So can’t wait for a Fairy Tale Publisher to come my way and sign me up for a 3 book deal. I cant wait for people to wait in line on the release date of my book. Can’t wait to tour around small cozy book stores and do a reading, at the end of which there will be people waiting in line to get a signed copy !!! AHH STARDOM – Come out of hiding.

Once I do become famous – I’m going to call singer Sheryl Crow and ask her if she wants to sell me her beautiful backyard… !!! Take a sneak Peak peeps.

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