Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grey on my Mind

It’s either BLACK or WHITE for me all the way !! I am straightforward and sometimes to Grey lovers I can be annoying. I like this certain. I have never been a fan of something in-between. I bet on things I am sure off. I push myself to things I am unsure of – I also know when to quit and say – ITS DONE ! I’m FINISHED… ! I’ve been in the grey area with a friend for the last couple of months. We try – and I’ve been there long enough. One would think its about time I start liking the whole scenario. But no ! Not liking GREY is in my character… and for as much as I try – I don’t think I can ever like this uncertain colour.
But for those of you who do like the colour Grey – or are enjoying something in-between, waiting your time out, waiting for a possibility, for a ray of hope – enjoy the dull shoddy colour in some amazing design, interiors and art deco …!

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