Monday, August 6, 2012

The Wedding Dress Update

Remember how I was getting my wedding dress made? Well, sadly, that plan fell through. The cost kept going up, so we pulled the plug. I gave myself about a day to mourn the loss of my dream dress, then quickly found another, thanks to my trusty fast decision making skills. Okay, let's be honest. I had some back-ups already bookmarked.

Circumventing the bridal boutiques, I simply went through a couple of sarees in red white gold shades – Panetar as they call it in technical terms and tried them. I did not let the lady showing me the sarees at the shop intimidate me.  It was actually a very relaxing and sweet experience. I blocked all noises out – focused in the piece I was wearing long and hard enough … thought about myself in that moment… where all that mattered was Kunal and me and whether or not he will not just like me – but love me in that wedding outfit. I had actually gone with darling My mom-in-law for trousseau shopping. But she patiently waited for me and let me have that moment to check myself out, even though this was not her responsibility !! And I were torn between the saree and the Lehenga of my dreams. I wasn't planning on showing Kunal, but I needed a tie breaker and he happened to be there. Funny enough, his reaction helped me make the final decision. I went with the one where I heard him whisper, "wow" under his breath. :)

It's completely different than my original dress, but somehow everything I was imagining. Unique, yet not over-the-top. Sexy, yet still modest. Vintage-inspired, yet still current. It's stunning. And very me.

If you're married or engaged, how was your wedding gown selection experience?



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