Friday, August 31, 2012

It takes 2 to Tango

So I have no real passion for standing out of the crowd with my fine jewels, or being the most amazing dressed... I do not even hope to be one of a kind bride - i know when I will wear something I like I will feel one of a kind anyway... When i dance - i do not wish to replicate somebody - but I know i will enjoy it and it will look flawless !!

But i hate the constant pressure every person getting married have to go through ... SANGEET DANCING !! I mean what is it.. why can it not be simple.. why does it always have to be a perfect entertainer ?? Beat that - somebody is def going to have a plunge pool stage replica and will do see.. I am forseeing the future of Sangeet on 31/08/2012 .. LOL

But seriously. how amazingly graceful would you have to be to be able to dance TANGO under water ?

{Images via Sinatra Blue by Katerina Bodrunova}

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