Monday, February 11, 2013

When to Toss Your Cosmetics

We so often jump on board with all of the latest beauty trends, but when do these products go bad- if ever? Generally, the suggestion is to follow your best judgment- but sometimes numbers are important. Expired cosmetics can cause irritation or worse- infections.
You wouldn’t wear expired trends, so why would you put expired product on your face?? Here are the Rue Rules for keeping your beauty bag up to date:
Foundation or Cream-Based Products (blush or eye): 6-8 months if you use your finger, one year if it has a pump.
Any Powder (face, blush, bronzer, eye): As long as there is no shiny film on top, it’s good for 18 months.
Liquid Eye Products: 3 Months.
Pencil Products: If you keep it freshly sharpened, it’s good… though we do recommend drawing the line (pun intended) at a few years.
Lips: 2 years.
Nails: 2 years.
Additional Information and Tips:Most cosmetics come with a small jar symbol printed on them. The jar symbol represents how long after opening the product will expire. So, if it is an open jar with a 6M on it, it means it is good for 6 months after opening.
Clean & maintain your products to help them last longer! Sharpen pencils, scrape off old residue, and store it properly. This means avoid the sunny cup-holder in your car… no matter how convenient it is!
Anytime you use makeup while you have a skin or eye infection (or share it with someone who does), TOSS IT. If it smells funky, it’s gone. And if it just seems like maybe it is too darn old…. It is.
Try not to be too sentimental with your favorite beauty products. Remember- the sooner you get rid of them, the more space you have for all the fun new products available!

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