Friday, July 12, 2013

Balanced Diet



From the time I got back from my holiday to Mauritius - ohhh how it was a delight to stay at Inter Continental with those Banana and Chocolate Breads for Breakfast - Ive been struggling with my weight and balanced diet per say. Each day I wake up thinking Im going to nail it today... but every day im summoned to  a ladies luncheon .. or chilling coffee and cites with my friends, or drinks with husbands friends or just extended family get togethers and functions or simply hosting people over. Each day Im seduced by these wonderful foods which I have no control over their sizes, portions or fat content. I long for something or someone to come by and tell me Fuck off - you are not getting anything more... or today is just fruits and detox !!! I longggggg for getting into a balanced DIET regimen !!!! Somebody help !

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